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This group is for people who are interested in personal development, communication skills, want to have a good discussion, make friendships and possibly even find a RELATIONSHIP with like-minded people.

During the workshops you will learn more about NLP - (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) a scientific method, that helps access the deeply hidden information in our thinking patterns. NLP explains how our brain operates and how our subconsciousness impacts up top 93% of our thoughts and behavior. By being able to access this information, you can change your life. Modeling success means copying the "thinking programs" of exceptionally successful people in certain aspect and using them for ourselves. This is the base of the NLP models.

Your trainer in the workshops is Michaela Ray, a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (NLP University California), dating coach, author of book MINDFUL DIVA DATING: 5 Steps to Attract Mr. Right and author of the CREATIVE DATING LOOP - a model that explains what it takes to change your relationship patterns and attract the relationship you want.

FOR WOMEN: you can download a FREE DATING GUIDE here: http://www.michaelaray.com

FOR MEN: you can download a FREE DATING AUDIT - online tool to check your readiness for dating here: https://www.survio.com/survey/d/B9Q4N1R9K2I1K5A2X

Is NLP only about finding a relationship? Certainly not. It improves many aspects of life. This is how a one of the frequent participants summarized the results of practicing NLP:

"On this last day of 2018 I would like to thank you Michaela, for all the help I received from you this year. When I look back at the beginning of the year, I see myself as somebody who was still quite unhappy. Someone who had major issues with her family; someone who felt insecure around other people.
Lately I have notice that I have changed. I tell people what I want. I put boundaries in place when necessary.
I no longer act emotionally if people don't accept me. When people comment on my body, it no longer bothers me. My friends say I am more assertive. As you can see, a lot has changed."

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DATING ESSENTIAL: What kind of a person I have to be to attract my ideal partner

Do you consider dating again but not quite sure where you stand and whether it is actually possible to successfully date? Have you been trying dating, but everybody you meet is not "the right one"? Why is that happening? MEN often complain: "Women just don't want guys like me. I have been rejected many times, I don't understand why. I wish some woman will finally discover my qualities and accept me as I am." ........................................................OR.......................................................... "Most women I meet say that they are already in a relationship or are not looking for anything. I struggle WHERE to meet single women. " WOMEN often complain: "There are some men interested in me, but the ones I want, show no interest. Is it my looks or what am I doing wrong?" ..........................................................OR....................................................... "I had a few relationships, but it is never quite what I want. The guys don't really appreciate me, are not ready to commit or I don't feel the sparkle." Want to have a different result? THEN STOP EXPERIMENTING, GET A SUPPORT AND MOVE FORWARD. Doubting whether a training could make any difference for you? Other people have already reached a success or made a progress towards their goal. Check their testimonials here: https://www.michaelaray.com/testimonials/ DATING ESSENTIAL is a full day training in a small group, where you learn how attracting a partner works and how you can do it too. No tricks, just developing self to do it naturally, based on advanced NLP* models. (NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming) What will you learn: - How to use the POWER OF THE FIRST IMPRESSION in your favor Both men and women have certain standard preferences coded in their DNA and we simply can't help it, that we react favorably or not. We only get a few seconds to make the first impression. When you understand what's coded in human DNA, making good first impression is easier than you think. - How to UNDERSTAND THE OPPOSITE GENDER beyond first impression Discover the most common wish lists men and women have for their ideal partner. While looks and interests preferences differ from person to person, the core of what people consider a QUALITY partner can be standardized into one list for a men and one list for women. - How to match WHAT I WANT with WHAT I CAN OFFER Discover what is the SECRET INGREDIENT most people are looking for in their ideal partners, but few can offer themselves. By adding this to your "offer", you will be perceived as more attractive, desirable, interesting and ultimately having more choices for quality partners. - How to MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL with YOUR RELATIONSHIP GOAL Maybe you feel like you are dependent on people liking you in order to have the relationship and so far it wasn't going that well. What if there was a way how you can TAKE CONTROL into your own hands? Start progressing to the next level, instead of helplessly waiting for others to change. READY TO MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR DATING LIFE? Investment to join the training is 190 EUR including BTW. Refreshments are included. Early bird special: If you register& pay by 4th February, your price is only 170 EUR. (BE[masked], BBRUBEBB, Michaela Witters, Ref: workshop) or you can use this link via Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/MICHAELARAY/170 Money back guarantee: If you have not benefited, simply tell me at the end of the day and you get your money back. Read the success stories and testimonials of people who participated in some of my dating preparation courses. https://www.michaelaray.com/testimonials/

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