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This Meetup group is hosted by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK). We teach Raja Yoga as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life. In addition, we provide a number of events, talks, workshops and seminars for people from all religious and cultural backgrounds to explore their own spirituality and learn life skills of reflection and meditation, derived from Raja Yoga. This has helped thousands of people across the UK develop inner calm, clear thinking and personal well-being.

The group will be promoting the events and activities at Inner Space, Manchester. Find out more about us at our website: www.brahmakumaris.org/uk/manchester.

The Brahma Kumaris (UK) is part of a worldwide network of over 8,500 centres in more than 100 countries, the first of which was founded in India in the 1930's. We are a registered charity in England and Wales (269971) and Scotland (SCO40512) and offer all our activities FREE as a service to the community.

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Think More Positively : Free Online Seminar

Online event

We understand that the energy of the human mind is thought. To get the very best out of life, all we need to do is rethink our mindset and tweak our outlook.

Special Event with Diane Tillman: Enjoy Parenting More – The Balancing Act

Explore the amazing balancing act that parenting seems to require in today’s world as families are adjusting to a new normal. Diane Tillman draws on her wealth of experience as a leading educational psychologist to share simple, practical methods to nurture and protect both yourself and your family as you help your children grow toward their potential. Diane is a Licensed Educational Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, values-education authority and meditator. She worked with thousands of parents for more than 20 years as a school psychologist. The author of 18 resource books on values education and a parenting guide, “Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect”, she has travelled to 30 countries in all regions of the world to conduct seminars and workshops on values education and personal development.

Relax More, Stress Less ::: Free Online Seminar

Online event

Insights and strategies to help you understand the true causes of stress, strengthen your stress response and learn to relax whilst carrying the load.

Learn Raja Yoga Meditation : Free 4-Part Online Course - Session 1

Experience peace, inner strength and wisdom through 'yoga for the mind'. Raja Yoga meditation is an open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere - whilst you commute or at your desk, as well as at home. Whether you want to learn how to relax, need to be more concentrated and creative or are searching for personal enlightenment, this course can satisfy each of those needs. Like any skill, meditation requires practice. By doing a little every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit. A four-part course. It is necessary to attend all four sessions. November 17 : Part 1 - Experience the beauty of the true self November 19 : Part 2 - Understand the nature of consciousness November 24 : Part 3 - Use your 8 spiritual powers November 26 : Part 4 - Connect with the Divine Book for Part 1 to receive the Zoom meeting link for all four sessions.

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