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Working together as a strong community is always easier than all by yourself. That is why I have created a slack channel for our meetup group and all interested people where we can have a regular exchange on our progress and where we can address raising questions, it would be great if you would join me there:


About the MeetUp:

In my professional world, I was solving problems using design thinking and educating people to tackle their business challenges. If you look around you – for example, smartphones, furniture and most of all products

and services were designed by someone. And every design starts with a problem that a designer or team of experts seeks to solve.

So why not use design thinking to solve our personal challenges and explore our opportunities?

In this workshop series, I will help you to use design thinking activities to observe and reflect your life. I will also support you to start to make changes to create a life that is fulfilling, regardless of who or where you are, what you do or have done for a living, or how young or old you are.

The same design thinking framework which helped me to support my clients in creating amazing technology, products, and working environments, can be used to design and build your career and your life, a life of happiness, constantly active and productive. It worked for me, so why shouldn’t it work for you, too?

Module 1 - Analysis

The first part is all about analysis and observation. We will use the technique of the empathy map and the story mapping to identify your pain points and opportunities which will be transferred into need statements.

Module 2 - Reflection

Based on your needs of the first module, we will create ideas to fulfill them, set clear goals and define a to-be scenario of how we will reach them.

Module 3 - Action

Based on the outcomes of modules 2 and 3 we have created several options for you to make the change real. But it is only you and nobody else who can make this happen. Never the less, I will be there to give you coaching along your transformation journey.


Give back culture is something very important for me. That's why I am organizing this event and the fee is only ONE symbolic Euro.

If you want to give back something, you could either write a recommendation on linkedin/google for me and/or contribute via paypal.me/youngfox (please select friends and family ;))






Looking forward to exchanging experiences with you!

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Personal Development with Design Thinking | Module 2 - Reflect

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Personal Development with Design Thinking | Module 2 - Reflect

Online event


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