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Personal Flourishing ( Kirkland is a once-a-month social group in Kirkland, Washington. We meet for the purpose of creating and maintaining flourishing lives – and having fun doing it!

We take a thoughtful approach. From time to time, we will bring in outside experts to address our group. At other times, we make presentations within the group on topics that interest us and other members of the group, and/or we lead exercises that help us build skills necessary to live lives that are flourishing. Finally, in some of our meetings, we simply have fun working our individual goals and objectives, celebrating achievements and finding novel ways to overcome or bypass any obstacles we encounter.

We are a curious lot. We seek the best sources of information we can find and we strive to be rational, curious and empathetic in our work together.

Finally, we are social. We enjoy our times together and the unique perspective that each individual brings to the group.

Personal Flourishing Kirkland held its first meeting in late September, 2016, and it was a great success. We are still welcoming new members, so please, know that you are invited to join us!

More information about personal flourishing is available from our our website (

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