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Deconstructing The Process of Change - How it Works and What You Can Expect

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Have you ever tried to make a real change in your life, gotten stuck, frustrated, fed-up and finally gave up? And then realized you still want to make the change but don't know how to succeed?

You are not alone! This is a common theme for most people. And this is because we aren't taught how change works and what we need to do to engage it.

In this class, we'll discuss the elements of change and what to expect of them. Just knowing what to expect can help to reduce your fear dramatically. After all, it isn't the change we fear, it's whether or not we can HANDLE the change that scares us. So when you know what to expect, it's easier to believe you can manage it.

You'll Learn:

• What the stages of change are (what to expect when you engage change)

• What can get in the way of that change

• How to help yourself get through it with as much grace and ease as possible

Come and get a jump start on changing your life to be EXACTLY what you want it to be!