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Love, Belonging and the Pursuit of Wellness: An Intro to Systemic Constellations
What could rewrite your life story? What if...pieces and parts of your life story have been left out or forgotten? What discovering them and bringing them to light, shifts happen that could allow you to move forward effortlessly with intention and purpose? Through these discoveries, healing and forward movement, you will be able to honor all those who came before you, receive their gifts and live your life to the fullest. Transformation is within your reach! Please join Sandy Starr for monthly explorations into the world of Systemic (Family) Constellation Work, based on the work of Bert Hellinger. She is a certified Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) facilitator since 2005 and has been involved in personal growth work for over 30 years. Through the incredible experiential process of SCW, spiritual practices and ritual, she will be able to help you navigate change with confidence. You will learn: • How to identify the invisible entanglements within our family system that can impede your life • How your ancestors fit into your life and how to access their support • How decisions you made as a child, consciously and unconsciously, could be influencing your life today During the monthly 2 hour sessions, Sandy will introduce you to Systemic Constellation Work through experiential exercises that will allow you to feel the energy that supports this work. She will also offer full day-long workshops at least every 3 months or as demand dictates. This MeetUp program is for you if: • You feel stuck, with little to no forward movement in your life • You feel you are carrying burdens that weigh you down • You want to live a fuller life • You are experiencing blocks that you just can’t seem to break through • You have feelings of not belonging • Your family dynamics are not as healthy as you want them to be There are only 15 spaces available, so register today to guarantee you are included in this amazing process. As Gandhi said, “You must be the CHANGE you want to see in the world.”

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The Personal Growth Network is expanding! We have a vibrant community in the Boston area and we are now expanding to VA and NYC as part of our commitment to growing a robust and connected community of self-growth seekers.

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The Personal Growth Network (PGN) is a positive psychology support community for people who want to consciously create more happiness and more success in their lives. Our members organize parties, workshops, and study groups. Join the fun and expand your life with like-hearted people.

PGN provides you with heart-felt social connections, with a wide-spread support network, and with your choice of a broad selection of diverse tools and techniques.

We each may have different goals or use different approaches, yet together we find ways to support one other, helping each other to reach our individual, personal life goals.

You'll find much here that can help you on your unique life journey. Any one particular approach may not necessarily be "right" for you at this point of your journey, but many approaches are here for you to try on -- to utilize or to set aside as you decide -- depending on how well they appear to you to support what you want to create in your life.

Are you a personal growth and development leader, teacher, and/or facilitator? Then join us on the leadership team as an Event Organizer. We are proud to share quality content with our members through partnerships with local teachers. Contact Cliff or Janet (Organizers) for more information.

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• Home-grown approaches, developed by local members and drawn from many disciplines.
• Study groups: interest groups, support groups, mastermind groups, book clubs
• Social events where you create fun events that combine connection, fun, and learning.
• Formal presentations: classes, mini-Workshops, workshops, retreats, seminars.
• National approaches (e.g., Insight, LOA, HAI, Dale Carnegie, MAP, MDI, NLP)

Thus, our community needs many organizers to create this abundance. Whether you are trained, enthusiastic, social, or simply organized, please consider PGN as your empowerment playground, from which you can share fun, knowledge, growth, events, connection, opportunities, and a sweet heart.

At PGN, we are all explorers of life together.

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