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VoluntaryHeart: Treating People More Kindly (a movie & discussion)


Price: $5.00 /per person
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How do you want to treat the people around you? How do you want them to treat you? We'll explore how we unconsciously treat one another, and we'll practice treating people the way we'd prefer to treat one another.

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Who Should Come?

Do you long for a win-win world where people cooperate peacefully? Where people don't bully one another? Where threats of violence are not initiated? Have you felt bullied, intimidated, or angry? Would you like to see these types of communication methods eradicated from human interactions?

What Will You Receive?

We will leave with a new awareness and commitment to treating with kindness and love the people we love, the people we know, and, even, strangers. We’ll practice treating others more lovingly, even in the face of instigation. We will understand how our actions with those around us can help create a win-win, peaceful world.

How Will We Proceed?

We will use group shares, one-on-one exercises, simulations, and guided meditations to explore how we treat one another and how we would prefer to treat one another.

Questions to Think About

1) Remember a time when you regretted how you treated another person.

2) Remember a time when you would have liked to have been treated better.

Our Presenter: Mary Ruwart

Mary Ruwart has talked all over the world ( about creating a nonviolent, peaceful, cooperative world -- one where we end the bullying, cruelty, and coldness we mindlessly use against one another. Mary holds a masters in social work and has founded the VoluntaryismNow! club which has 4,000 members. She ran for Vice President in 2004 as part of the Libertarian Party.

Why Is This Topic Important to Mary?
Mary used to believe that she knew the answer -- that if only the people around her would conform to her belief of how the world should work, the world would work well. She has since disabused herself and focused her efforts more on accepting each person as an autonomous human being, and using kindness and reason to suggest alternative approaches while being willing to hear "No"

What Is VoluntaryismNow!
VoluntaryismNow! ( is leading the way towards a future where all human interactions are voluntary -- where violence, bullying, and intimidation are a thing of the past. Visit our site for more information (



"An eye-opening experience about how I unconsciously treat other people -- even people whom I love”
- Gene Podlucker (Politician)