Constructive Conversations

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If you’re ready for a new perspective on an old topic, here’s an opportunity to tap into the natural communicator inside you (you know, the one you don’t think you have). This program is designed to help you reframe your entire view of conversations and how they work (or don’t). You’ll learn what can make every single conversation constructive, and how to incorporate these ideas into your everyday way of being.

Conversations succeed and fail for the same reason … and it has nothing to do with your level of skill, the subject, the emotion or stakes involved, the other person, or even if you’re an introvert!

We live our lives in conversation, whether with friends, family, managers, store clerks, customers, phone support people, even ourselves. We experience every aspect of life – how we believe, see, think, speak and act – through the lens of language. Although it’s our most powerful tool for making fundamental change in the course of our lives, rarely do we either learn or experience its phenomenal power.

In this online program: you'll get:
• Ideas, concepts, examples and practices to guide you in evoking the natural communicator inside you.
• A level of personal clarity and self-trust that allows you to have effective conversations with grace, and to make “no, thank you” your best friend when conversations turn to conflict.
• A workshop environment of non-judgment, openness and humor … one that leads you to the self-confidence and self-trust that are innately your own to reclaim
• Downloadable “Field Guide to Constructive Conversations” containing program materials, including all suggested practices (so you can be a full participant in the program and still have all the notes you might want)

What to bring:
• A mind open to seeing things a new way; a mind willing to be changed by new ideas.
• Questions about conversation challenges you face or have faced.

What to leave at home:
• Most of what you’ve learned or experienced about effective communication – including all the reasons you can’t.

Tuition fee $30. Registration required by 3/26/19, (PayPal link):
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