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If you’ve got personal transformation on the brain, you are in the right place :) Your revolution is waiting to unfold - time to take responsibility for becoming the leader you were born to be. This Meetup was designed specifically for ambitious humans who want to become better leaders, redesigning themselves and their lives to resemble what they REALLY want, instead of what we are told we should want. Get hands-on experiential learning from a certified coach who is aiming to grow your leadership, inside and out.

A personal revolution can happen inside, outside, and anywhere in between. It can involve growing your career, striking out on your own, changing what you do altogether, or re-inventing yourself from the ground up. It can mean changing the way you live, what you think of yourself, your relationships, or (gasp) all three. This inner revolution is personal to YOU, and sometimes...it can feel hard (and lonely).

That's where The Personal Revolution Project comes in. This is a place where you can get connected with other motivated + aware humans who are concerned with changing their lives for the better. Learn how to navigate the changes in your life with ease, while learning to be a resilient and confident leader who is in charge of their destiny. Sounds fun, right??

Each month, join your host Danika Zoe in an experiential workshop that will take you through your personal journey of self-development, learning to manage change, stop beating yourself up, organize your life and even...enjoy it, too. This is a safe and nurturing environment where everyone can feel welcome to learn and step out of their comfort zones. Every effort will be made to create a space that allows you to question yourself, ask hard questions, and get the support you need.

How does this work?

Join Danika live once monthly at her downtown Toronto workshop space, where you will connect with other like-minded individuals, building soulful connections and authentic friendships. Re-discover and re-invent yourself by learning actionable skills, hacks, and tools that you can bring immediately into your life to create lasting change.

What do I get?

- Live in-person workshops, and the opportunity to join in on group masterminds, online programs, e-learning, and fun events, too :)

- Guidance from a certified coach who specializes in helping overachieving humans to make their dreams come true….no matter how big + scary.

- Connection with other “awake” humans who have read ALL the books, listened to ALL the podcasts, and are now ready to make shit happen.

- A fun and relaxed environment to go deep, rediscover yourself and start your own personal revolution.

- There are always snacks and supplies included in your admission fees!

- Get the chance receive complimentary coaching, either live in a workshop setting, in small groups, or even on your own.

** Topic and workshop suggestions are appreciated and welcomed! This Meetup is all about personal + professional development, leadership, change management, setting goals, motivation, productivity and getting shit done - any and all ideas related to that topic are awesome - be sure to email danika@fearlessleap.com with yours. Guest speakers are also encouraged to email with relevant workshop ideas. **

The Meetup is right for you if:

- You want to see yourself as a leader, but you are holding yourself back from your full potential.

- You want the confidence to ask for what you want, to make more money, and feel fantastic about your life & choices.

- You are feeling lost in your direction or purpose in life.

- You have your purpose, passion or burning desire all sorted out, but you are having trouble acting on it.

- You battle overwhelm or dissatisfaction with your current situation.

- You are committed to personal responsibility & a life on your terms.

- You want to be part of an extremely fun community of achievers who want to embrace their full potential. Basically, unicorns.

Who is hosting this Meetup?

Fearless + Co. is a revolutionary leadership coaching & consulting company, providing professional coaching, transformational speaking & unique experiential facilitation to those who aim to change the world. Founder Danika Zoe helps ambitious and determined humans to own their brilliance & change their lives by becoming the powerful & inspiring leader they were born to be, both inside & out.

Her signature courses help overachieving humans to develop authentic inner leadership, becoming the hero in their own journey - blazing their own trail & transforming themselves & their world along the way.

Danika is a fierce advocate for your greatness: together we find that courageous, radiant person you were born to be. The world is in serious need of your brilliance, it's waiting as soon as you are ready to leap into it!

RSVP Policy: If you RSVP for an event, kindly honor your commitment and plan on being there.

If you cannot attend, please change your RSVP to “not attending” - food and supplies for the workshops are bought based on these numbers, so please honor your integrity and mine :)

There is no charge to be a member of this group, but there is a minimal fee to attend workshops, due to space rental, food, etc. This is a private group, event location details will be revealed only if you are a member.

All men and women are welcome in this group, Fearless & Co reserves the right to remove members who do not adhere to the safe and welcoming requirements of the space we create at our gatherings.

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