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Would you like to have more of the following in your life?

Gratitude, Happiness, Love & Kindness, Abundance, Manifesting your Goals, Calmness and Inner Peace, along with much less Stress and Worry?

Are you looking for easy ways to effectively reduce stress from the rigours of daily life in order to live a happier, healthier and longer stress-free life? You may have found the right place!

The Earth Spiritualist Centre for Eco-Spirituality Studies in Cork City provides you with the practice and teachings of the Earth Spiritualist practice - a non-denominational, inter-faith Spiritualist belief system providing you with a roadmap for a happy and healthy, stress free and authentic life connected to wonders of nature, and the outdoors for optimum health and wellbeing of mind body and Spirit!

My practice and teachings here at The Earth Spiritualist Centre include:

Inner Self Meditation (ISM) for stress reduction, Spiritual healing, Labyrinth meditation, Natural health & Wellbeing, Personal and Spiritual Development including the 6 Principles of Daily Life as a path to inner peace, mindfulness workshops including natural crafts including mandala art, crochet for the home, jewellery making and working with clay - suitable for all Earth Spirits who are seeking to connect nature and learn more about their Spirituality, trust their own intuition, and acheive their goals in life!

The 6 Principles of Daily Life are:

Gratitude; Happiness; Love, Honesty, Kindness & Respect.

The 6 Principles are not mandatory teachings, they are completely optional and simply there if you are called to learn more about finding inner peace and happiness within yourself and your life.

Through the teachings of the 6 principles, I teach you to believe in yourself and trust your intution, and that everything you need is already inside you and all around you in nature, the earth and all living things. The 6 principles are offered as simple half day workshops throughout the year which you may study if and when ever you are drawn to.

It is not possible to be "converted" to Earth Spiritualism. You don't need to do any training to "become" and Earth Spirit either. You are born an Earth Spirit, all of us living on Earth we are all Earth Spirits.

Earth's gravity is a form of energy which we are all connected to. We live on this Earth in harmony with nature we rise and shine with the sunlight, we are connected to the Earth with every breath we take, our body clock and internal organs are finely tuned in to the Earth's 24 hour cycle of life.

When we don't regularly connect with our source, the Earth and nature, when we don't rise and shine with the sunlight, our body rhythm gets out of sync, out of tune, we develop stress, illness and disease!

Through my classes, workshops and events I teach you how to trust your intuition and reconnect with yourself through learning how to reconnect with nature and by doing this you can become your true authentic self and find happiness and inner peace and your soul purpose here on Earth.

Throughout my life and work what I have always been most passionate about is helping others to acheive their dreams!

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Earth Spiritualist Foundation originated in Australia, an ancient country steeped in a deep Spiritual customs and traditions with what is known to be the oldest indigenous Spiritual cultures in the world.

ESF is committed to the non-denominational and interfaith teachings of Ancient indigenous knowledge for natural health and well-being including Inner Self Meditation (ISM) for stress reduction, Eco-Spirituality, Spiritual healing and Natural health & wellbeing including sound and music, Eco-spirituality and the care of nature, the earth and all living things along with the practice and preservation of Irish culture, handcrafts, art and music.

ESF is currently in the planning stages of their Geetanjali Retreat Centre in West Cork, a purpose-built holistic retreat centre for the provision of holistic retreats for those in recovery from stress-related illness of any kind.

ESF is also committed to the implentation of inspiring community kindness initiatives for the health and wellbeing of the community and those in need in addition to assisting local Charities.

You can read more about the work of Earth Spiritualist Foundation in Ireland and the Geetanjali centre here:



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Inner Self Meditation ISM© - 4 Week Course

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Inner Self Meditation ISM© - 4 Week Course

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