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How a NYC Personal Trainer, former 250-pound, depressed, out-of-shape woman got the opportunity of a lifetime and turned her life around, became a curvy firm plus-size fashion model in NYC and is changing the lives of women by re-designing the shapes of their bodies from flabby to firm with a Premier Plus Size Workout!

Are you a Curvy Goddess?

Do you wear a dress size in the double digits and am having a difficult time finding a fat-loss workout especially for you?

Well you may have stumbled onto the solution.

Curvy Goddess Workout is especially designed for the Curvy Woman who wants to get healthy and fit in a comfortable non-intimidating in-door facility supervised by a Weight Loss/Body Design Coach who gets it!

My name is Diane Williams and am a certified NYC Personal Trainer. I’ve been a NYC Personal Trainer for over 11 years and definitely understand what you’re going through.

Before becoming a fitness professional I searched for a fitness program that addressed my special issues.

I had reached 250 lbs. and needed to do something about it. Classes totally intimidated me being around those who seemed in-shape already.

Hiring NYC personal trainers who forced me to do crazy, impossible things with my 250 lb. body left me discouraged and misunderstood so I'd quit.

What Didn’t Work, and Then I Found the Solution: I tried countless of diets and even if I did lose weight my body was tired and felt mushy.

I tried to exercise to videos but would easily get bored of the same routine or the routine was difficult to follow....none of these choices seemed to fit.

After all of the searching I went ahead and HIRED A PROFESSIONAL, a NYC Personal Trainer who understood my unique needs and goals.

That worked for me…someone who did understand my problem to guide me to achieving a toned, strong, and energetic body.

I was completely a new person because finally I felt comfortable in my own skin by finally taking action and getting my butt in gear by moving it.

My body was getting stronger, firmer, and toned. I felt like a sexy Curvy Goddess!

Can you imagine your body being re-shaped...acquiring balance in strength and flexibility...your clothes even fitting better on you?

Well in the past there workouts programs catering to the needs and desires of the plus size woman didn’t exist or were hard to come by.

Now there is an effective workout for you Curvy Goddess.

This NYC Personal Trainer is dedicated in helping you reach your goals.


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