What we're about

Health is our greatest asset, but most people take it for granted till it goes wrong.
It's time to take charge of your health and the health of your family..

With the onset of modern western medicine a one size fits all approach to health has been adopted with the focus on disease rather than health and wellness. I believe it is time to reverse this trend and recognise that we are all unique and opting for a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease before it starts is essential if we want to age youthfully with good health and vitality so we are able to follow our dreams no matter what our age.

Meetups will offer...

• An opportunity for members to share there own stories, skills and knowledge.

• A place to discuss what members are struggling with as they adopt a healthy lifestyle and get support and ideas from other members.

• A place to share recipes and try different foods and drinks, fitness and health techniques.

• A place to discuss how we can encourage the wider community and other health professionals to take a more holistic, personalised and preventative approach so that we can help prevent chronic disease in the future.

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