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The Personality Connection is for anyone interested in using personality profiling to understand oneself and others and achieve more success in your life or business. It is also for professionals using personality profiling system in workshops or one-on-one consulting, such as professional and personal development speaker and workshop leaders, organizational development professionals working with managers and HR professionals, and life and executive coaches. It is ideal, too, for individuals interested in improving relationships and communications with others, whether for themselves or their clients.
The goal is to get together to discuss new ways to employ these systems, including using the new Dog Type Personality Profiling system, which draws on other systems, like Myers-Briggs, DISC, and red-blue-yellow-green color profiling, but it adds the fun element of four types of dogs -- a German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, and Border Collar for the four main personality types. The German Shepherd is the strong leader; the Pomeranian, the high-energy party animal; the Golden Retriever, the calm, steady supporter who likes to help people; and the Border Collie, the serious detail-oriented type concerned with facts and accuracy. Other type of dogs could be selected, but these are very popular, well-known dogs that people really relate to.
To this end, the group will offer various workshops and get togethers using different approaches to personality types or profiles, including the new Dog Type system, which has been gaining national exposure.
The goal is to help you both use this system in your own personal and work life, and with others, so you can:
- learn to better communicate with and relate to others,
- gain more success in getting customers and clients,
- have better relationships with friends, family members, and significant other
- get to know others better and have more fun
- use these new techniques in working with clients and prospective clients, such as through speaking, workshops, consulting, and coaching.

Here are testimonials from our first three workshops:

“It was very beneficial to understand oneself and others. A fun and light way of revealing oneself and discovering the qualities of others.”
A. Diamond Trammel
Pathways to Health and Peace Center
Pleasant Hill, California

“I found the workshop to be fun and enlightening. Using Dog Types made it easy to identify personality traits. It was an eye-opener to see how to approach and build rapport with different personality types in different situations. This workshop can benefit anyone, whether they are a dog owner or not.”
Leila Flores
Absolutely Simple
Danville, California

“A novel, fun and interesting approach for determining personality traits…Fun and enlightening.”
Norm Risorto>
Pleasanton, California

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