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This group is for Personal Power through Awareness of oneself, empowering ourselves to create the life we want.

Each of us have our own individuality, and often find that one type of spiritual practise, meditation, healing doesn’t always fit, but by attuning and exploring a variety of modalities, we are able to find ones that resonant with us, we are able to take on board the part that we feel comfortable with and incorporating it into our daily lives.

Subjects we will learn and explore Meditation, Spiritual Growth through connecting with our own higher self, our divine soul, Guides, Ascended Master, and Angels. Healing – Reiki, Munay Ki, Flower Essences, and Aromatherapy.

To enhance our spiritual and personal growth, learning divination to helps you to connect to your guides, but also as an excellent tool for personal development using numerology, tarot, oracle and angel cards.

Journeying and rituals, visiting our sacred natural landscapes including our woodland, forest, seaside, sacred sites, and allowing us to connect to the energy of the land. I found that working with land is an opportunity for people to connect to their inner self at these powerful places, so that they experience them both the physical and spiritual. Over the 11 years, I have taken people to variety of places throughout the worldAncient Sacred Sites Tours (

Creating and setting up variety ways to link into the law of attraction, creating and manifesting abundance in all areas of your life.

This is a hands-on group, rather than come along to listen to speaker; we will be working on ourselves to enhance our daily lives.

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To be beautiful means to be yourself

You don’t need to be accepted by others

You need to accept yourself.

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