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Want to win more often?

Influence isn't magic...

It's the application of successful techniques and strategies.

Persuasive people have a substantial edge over everyone else.

To be successful, you need to understand and excel at hypnosis & neuro-linguistics.

Now you can at this peaceful & enjoyable event.

(We can only accept 100 people.)

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1541 Brickell Ave

Geniuses realize that the best results involves wonderful thoughts. It's obviously true. Is it not? Getting the most fun, joy, love, peace and success from life involves effective thinking. You must also learn persuasion & influence to really win. That's why this coeducational group is very special. We're going to explore the most useful approaches to thinking effectively. And teach you how to become more persuasive than you ever thought possible. We're going to use peaceful thoughts & behaviors for examples. We'll show you phenomenal traditional hypnotic techniques for feeling peaceful and eliciting peaceful feelings & behaviors from others. We welcome everyone at all ability levels... from experienced teachers to first time students. Be there in person! (There will be a camera on - unavoidable. I may make a replay available.) It's going to be a lot of fun. (& Free!) What are you waiting for? Act now. (917)[masked]

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