Illuminate - a midwinters journey within.


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Do you feel the call to draw inwards, deeply and quietly?

To create a sacred space for yourself to listen amongst the noise, busyness and demands of your life?

Winter is a time of increased darkness in nature, and often within.

In the seasonal flow Winter is a window of opportunity for us to draw inwards to rest and reflect, to strengthen our root before we extend once again with Spring and Summer.

I invite you to spend an afternoon to look at, listen to, and love what you find in the dark. Please join me on our inner journey home.

I will provide you with a map to go inwards to clear what's blocking you, and nurture that which empowers you.

You’ll learn how to use meditation, qi gong, acupuncture points and essential oils to create and maintain a clear, calm, collected and peaceful inner environment.

We will create inner harmony and understanding that will free your heart and spirit to live your best life.

Full workshop notes provided so you can prcatice what you learn at home.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

$20 pp or bring a friend for $30 total. Bookings essential from this link.