What we're about

Let's create a positive community of responsible dog lovers and guardians.
If you're after spending some quality time with your furry companion and are all about your dog's overall well-being and your mutual connection, this is the group for you.
If you don't have a dog but would love to be in their company, you're welcome to join too.
This group is about meeting each other to share time with like-minded people.
Some events
•will be free, some others will require payment (see description of each)
•will be limited in numbers so that each dog-person team feels comfortable and is able to enjoy the event, some others will be able to accommodate a larger number
•will be with dogs, other without but still all about them :-)

You will also be able to access a membership (for a fee), which will start with a 10 events-set valid until 31st December 2019 and as we grow may run as a monthly/6-monthly membership.
The membership will allow you to access some events for free or at a discounted price when possible and be updated first on new events coming up as well as some complimentary services or gifts and some only-members event.
Or you're welcome to just keep it casual and just register for one or the other event, as you go.

All dogs are welcome as long as they're comfortable, special needs dogs will be accommodated with enough space and distance between each other as long as we are notified (smaller size events will be created accordingly when necessary).

This group is about having fun with your dogs or around dogs and for like-minded people.
Note that even if it is about fun, it is not a free-for-all fun, to keep it safe and comfortable for everyone,
It will also be about learning more about everything dog.

Some rules :
✓Safety first,
•if your dog needs to wear a muzzle please do so (basket-type muzzle preferably) no judgement there, know when to keep your distance.
•At all time be 'in control' of your dog : any dog must be on leash at all time (short leash or long line, beware of trip hazard) especially for newcomers. For future events, when becoming regular attendees it may be possible to have some off-leash events depending on the group cohesion (dogs getting along or not)
•please follow directions given for example for Nature walks (re : wildlife encounters...)
✓Most of all your dog will be your responsibility so please clean after your dog wherever we are, indoor or outdoor, and be mindful of others -dogs and people and of your dog's state of mind during the event. It's ok to go at your or your dog pace.
✓ I would like this group to be a safe place for all participants so be respectful of each others whatever species
✓no abuse will be tolerated (towards people or dogs or any animals), you will be asked to leave on the spot with no chance of refund if paid event. You will be contacted after the event to explain the situation and might be able to join us again.
Any uncomfortable behaviour towards people or dogs will see you with a warning
Depending on severity, once may be enough to get you out of the group and cancel your membership if you enrolled.
√you'll be asked to have your dog with a flat collar (no prong or electronic collar, no choke chain) if he/she can walk on a loose leash otherwise with a harness (best type : H-harness where your dog has full range of movement in his front legs with buckle for lead attachment at the back of the shoulders)
✓ all events will be strictly non-smoking

Now to the fun part
We will have
• Meet and greet with and without dogs
• Walks, simple ones or some with activities included
•Varied activities to challenge you both and have fun together
•Talks and workshops by experienced qualified professionals to learn more about dogs
•events to be amongst dog people like outings, weekend getaways
•self-care activities with mindfulness and meditation and energy healing to share with your dog

We will try to organise those all around Perth so that you may join more easily one or the other event.

Looking forward to meeting you and share our love of dogs

To a happier canine team, together ! :-)

PS I almost forgot to introduce myself, I'm a mobile qualified animal carer with canine rehabilitation experience and wish for people to come together to enjoy their dogs, keeping them happy and healthy and having a better deeper mutual bond for it.
Noelle's Animal Care, Dogs At Their Best and Hu-Cane Retreat will be sponsoring this group
offering some freebies such as muscle check after walks.

Upcoming events (5+)

Dog fitness walk

Bold Park

Let's walk together with your dogs and let's have you take the time to interact with each other. The reserve will allow to walk in the shade if necessary and do a bit of fitness for your dog (and maybe for you too :-) ) with gentle exercises. Each can go at their own pace and do whatever they can. The 1 hour will include greeting each other, warming up together (dogs especially) do a bit of easy exercises and walking around then cooling down. Start and finish will be sniffing time for your dog. You're encouraged to bring what your dog favours, toys or treats, as reward. Before leaving you're welcome to have your dog's muscles checked for any tension, complimentary check up for your dog to be back home comfortable. Bring some water for yourself and your dog, bring a hat and suncream and sunglasses. Please see rules for the group to know what is expected from you and your dog.

Members-only Fun time

Needs a location

Members (as per group presentation) to thank you for getting involved by enrolling for a set of 10 events, I will bring you this surprise event for you and your dog. Fun and giggle are at the programme for both you and your dogs (would love to see and hear what a giggle would be in a dog's world :-) ) Mistery, mistery... some clues will be given to you with your purchase of said set. Team work may be required at some point, your and your dog's participation will be needed. (Dog lovers you will be able to team up with a canine team). All in good spirit. Looking forward to having a great time with all of you. Location will be revealed to members only

Beach walk

Floreat Beach

Let's walk together with the dogs before the heat starts to heat up the sand for our 4 legged friends' paws comfort. If every body, human and canine are ok, we will be able to let the doggies have a swim and play on the sun after a bit of warming up walking up the beach. Please supervise your dog closely at anytime to be sure all dogs feel comfortable with each other, don't hesitate to go ahead or to walk behind if you feel your dog needs to go at its own pace compared to the group. We will have some stops along the way.

Summer risks - Emergency plan for your pet in case of disaster, get prepared!

Getting into this time of year where we need to be mindful of risks of fire, this year seems to be at higher risk due to a rather dry winter here in WA (still nothing compared to other States). To be prepared, in case of any disaster, improves the chance of having less risk of casualty amongst people but also pets. Are you ready ? Have you got a plan in place for your pet ? This talk is about what you should have prepared in case of, what to think of, so everybody has a better chance to stay alive, including your pet. Getting an emergency kit done for your pet. You will then be able to be organised, know what to do and be less prone to panic, having a plan to follow and adapt, saving yourself time to evacuate (or have your pet taken care of if you decide on staying to defend your home). Bring your family or any household member so that each of you get the info to practice at home on your return from the talk. You will also be starting on your kit on the night. A guest speaker, Alex Tippett , dog trainer and volunteer firefighter will go over the recommendations for a safe and positive outcome for all. (Thanks to his Captain, professional firefighter, to give him the ok) And I will go over the practical side for your pet. The time is now to get ready and prepare your emergency plan for you and your pet Price per household (proof of residence for adults 18+ to provide when more than 2 booking) $45 for casual guests $25 per person for individual casual guests $15 per person, for members*, Booking via email at [masked] or via Messenger @noellesanimalcare or by messaging me here Payment details at reception of enquiry Dateline for RSVP : Friday 25th October[masked]pm Location will be determined by numbers. Small number will be in Woodvale, bigger number to be decided. *members : 10 events-set suscribers

Past events (6)

Mindful Dog walk fun

Stickybeaks Playground Cafe

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