What we're about

INTRODUCTION: This is a Mastermind for:

Australians who are planning to or currently importing product into the US (or other countries) using the Amazon FBA service on the Amazon Market Place.

Serious Experienced Amazon FBA "Private Label" Professional Sellers.

Serious Beginning Amazon FBA "Private Label" Professional Sellers.

Manufacturing companies, local and international, who want to connect with experienced Amazon sellers and consultants to assist them in selling their products on Amazon.

PURPOSE: We create, maintain and promote a safe and supportive learning, training and sharing environment for the exchange of Amazon professional selling information and resources. We learn, study, train and share about overcoming our many Amazon selling challenges and celebrate our many Amazon selling successes! We create employment, jobs, and FUN! As the #1 most trusted ecommerce platform in the world, Amazon.com offers absolutely unprecedented income and employment opportunities. Accordingly, Amazon also presents huge technical challenges as well as difficult to understand and uncompromising rules, regulations, and Terms and Conditions for Sellers. There is no doubt about it, selling on Amazon is a "Team Sport," and not for the "faint of heart!"

WHO IS THIS MASTERMIND FOR: - Entrepreneurs, online marketers, students, seniors, veterans, disabled, and people otherwise not "regularly" employed or employable. - People who simply want or need to work at home. - People who are presently working on or will be working on their Amazon business at least 10 or more hours a week. - People who GIVE as much to other people as they RECEIVE. - People who have at least enough money for their Amazon business expenses, like: Amazon Professional Selling fees, access to telephones, internet service, computers and software; inventory to sell on Amazon, and other business expenses. NOTE: You'll need to be at least basically computer literate with PC's or Macs and have regular access to stable internet service. Although you do not need to bring a computer to this Mastermind.

WHO IS THIS MASTERMIND NOT FOR: - Anyone looking for a "get rich quick" idea or strategy. - "Casual" Amazon sellers or seller "wannabees" (less than 10 hours a week spent on their business). - People who think that online selling is "easy" and aren't willing to work hard to learn the Amazon selling business. - People who want to "drop in" to the Mastermind once in a while to get one or two answers to their immediate challenges and contribute nothing back to the group in return. - People who just want to be "entertained" for the evening because there wasn't anything better on TV. - People who are complete novices with computers. - People who want or need to, or think they even can make money with their online business immediately. - People who don't have any money at all available to invest on their Amazon selling business. (Yep, generally crabby, unhappy, unsupportive, high-maintenance, pessimistic, un-FUN people need not apply!)

COST: Your first meeting is free, come and meet with us and see if this group is a good match for you or not. All subsequent meetings have two "costs":

1 - Bring at least one Amazon Professional Selling Tip, Trick or Resource to share with all Mastermind Members.

2 - Bring your your challenges and Successes to share with all Mastermind Members.

We also have a great Facebook group that makes it easier to share ideas and get your questions answered: http://JungleBooster.com/fb

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