Twilight Hatha (6hr Intermediate Course) WEEK 1/6


South Perth Foreshore left of Coode St and Fun Cats

Sir James Mitchel Park South Perth Foreshore · Perth

How to find us

Once at the end of Coode Street, facing the river, walk left all the way across the car parks and you will spot a group of people with yoga mats under the 3 paper-bark trees. The Google pin lists the location exactly:

Location image of event venue


Join this weekday training workshops at 5.30pm over 6 weeks. Bookings close by the end of the second class and re-runs again for 6 weeks from 13th November 2019. The courses are designed to cut out any info overload and focus on experiential learning required to make breakthroughs, by committing to weekly bite size doses of yoga training, repeated and built upon each week.

Get out in the fresh air for this cozy, evening program of 6 week courses on a Wednesday, with Indian/Himalayan trained Yoga teacher Will Forde.

Over the 6 weeks you will learn:
- 5 pranayama techniques and 2 kriyas for energy manipulation and nervous system balancing;
- 4 bandahs (muscle tightening techniques) including the great Bandha lock;
- Yin and Yang concepts and a deconstruction of asanas to apply and experience them;
- Sandskrit terms, and be able to recognise and recite common asanas;
- The importance of pelvic lifts and rolls for men and women's health, stomach and urinary dysfunctions, and chronic back issues that can be avoided with awareness and yoga;
- The deconstruction of various transverse movements (across the body) combined with movements on the other 2 planes and the combined effects and approach required;
- The importance of twists to both, challenge yourself in discomfort (Pratyahara) and to massage the organs internally and induce a stronger immunity for well being;
- Consistent repeatable execution of the traditional 12 pose Sun Salutation A and the alternative Ashtanga Vinyasa versions in the west;
- Consistent, repeatable execution of the traditional 14 pose Sun Salutation B and the alternative Ashtanga Vinyasa versions;
- Sun Salutation C and postures to access more advanced postures safely;
- Learn some of the newest Vinyasa moves from Bali, Ubud and the international Yoga scene;
- 3 meditation techniques that you can remember to explore the use of Mantra (sound), Drishti (focused gaze) and Bhavana (yogic contemplation and visualization) as objects of meditation.

By the end of this course you will:
- be able to perform the traditional Indian Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) A and B, unprompted and in synchronization with the movements with your natural rhythm of breathing;
- be able to practice 1 of the 3 meditations that you explore and most prefer, unprompted, sitting still for 18 minutes at the end of the sixth class, under the supervision of the teacher; and
- understand and perform 2 of 5 pranayamas learned and 1 of 2 kriyas, unprompted, under the supervision of the teacher.

By week 3 we will be in full flow navigating a typical intermediate Hatha yoga class, so tickets close after week 2 to get the full 6 weeks of the course. The course facilitates a deeper exploration of space within the body and guides you through new postures and form technique to stabilize and strengthen in that space, whilst getting an overwhelming experience of physical relaxation by the end of it.

Booking link ☆

♧ Adults $50 for the 6, 1hr sessions.

We have mats, blocks, straps and blankets if you need to assist in making postures more comfortable and accessible.

Join this tailored course program designed by Will and Lamb, to assist you to strengthen your practice with a customised, yoga training experience. Most of all, its another great way to enjoy the kind spring evenings out by the river with kind, happy people like you.


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All attendees must be 18 years of age or older.