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Dec 1, 2018

What is yoga to you? Do you have a favourite posture?

relaxing, exercise

Have you read and submitted our attendee waiver and registration form outlining the risks, terms and privacy rights when attending our classes? Our online sign-up form is here: https://yogiurls.com/pysignup (compulsory before first time you attend).


Are you a University/College/Tafe Student, Senior Citizen, Carer on a Pension or Centrelink recipient wanting to pay for regular Yoga classes by optional donation? (Please submit the following form: https://yogiurls.com/donation)

Yes, I would.

Do you understand that our Meetup RSVPs are for members that have obatined a ticket or been approved to pay by donation? And you understand that you need to buy tickets via www.perthyoga.org to get priority in class, over drop-ins (with no booking)?

Im not sure.

Are you a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with 200 or more hours of yoga teacher training?