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Mar 22, 2019

What is yoga to you? Do you have a favourite posture?

I found yoga at 18, when I took it as my gym option at school thinking I could nap instead of work out. Instead, I found what would become one of the defining elements of who I am. Yoga has helped me deal with trauma and injury, and has been my pathway back to myself whenever I've felt lost. In 2018 I quit my desk job, got on a plane, and travelled alone to India to study yoga and become certified as a teacher. Now I'm looking to practice teaching and connect with similar people here in Perth. I'm originally from Canada and just arrived here about 2 months ago. My favourite pose at the moment is downward facing dog. In India I learned so much about this position; for me, it is a symbol of how in yoga there is always another adjustment, another alignment to strive for, a deeper iteration of every single pose. It is never finished.

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