Past Meetup

Pet Business Meet & Greet


Get-to-know other Pet Professionals and Pet businesses in our area. Create a network and referral base.

First Thursday of each month, from 6:30p-8:30p,

Lite Refreshments & Beverages provided

6:30p Meet, Greet , Mingle with fellow Pet Business Members

6:45p Start of Meeting, Introductions

6:55p PBN Colabortive Marketing Report - (1) PBN Directory (2) PBN/Pet Connection Advertizing

7:05p Review our Current PBN Members Mission Statement

7:15p Develop a Mission Statement for who we (our group/our businesses) are/want to be to our clients/community.

7:40p Announcements

7:45 Close of Meeting

Followed by Our Colaborative Marketing Group Meeting at 8pm


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