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Pet rat owners and lovers meet to share stories, information and love about these wonderful creatures. Pet rats make excellent pets and we want to educate ourselves and others about their proper care, as well as to have socials, shows, and other fun activities. We also want to facilitate finding homes for the "recycled" rats out there who are looking for one. Anyone can join, this group is targeting SE PA (Reading, Philly, Allentown, Harrisburg, etc.) and surrounding area pet rat lovers.

WANTED: Foster homes for rescued "recycled" rats!!!

Past events (35)

Ratty Chat in Philadelphia

Las Margaritas

NY-Rat Night at Morbid Anatomy Museum (Brooklyn NY)

Morbid Anatomy Museum

NYC-Learn about rat laughter

Babycastles Gallery + Interspace

NYC-Petco Small Pets Big Adventure

Petco Union Square

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