ChatBot Revolution - Eyal Yavor ,Co-Founder and CTO at MeeKan

The Nest - Petakh Tiqwa Innovation Center
The Nest - Petakh Tiqwa Innovation Center
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ChatBot Revolution is here!

Come to hear how to update your apps with the newest technology

How we ditched our apps and built a robot instead2 years into Meekan's life, we were burning cash fast without seeing results.Launching 4 different products was hard for our small team. Then, we decided to launch the 5th one, in a new ecosystem, and that made all the difference.Come hear how we found what that winning product was, what made it possible to transition to it, and what the future holds for this ecosystem.
About the speaker:Eyal Yavor is co-founder and CTO of Meekan. After his service in the Intelligence corps, he worked at IdmLogic (Acquired by CA Technologies), developed identity management solutions for large companies, and made weird systems work together. Integrations of many services together is one of Eyal's weird hobbies.
About the company:Meekan was founded in 2013, and raised seed funding from Horizons Ventures. It went on to build tools and a platform to help schedule meetings. Launch of their chatbot on ProductHunt was the kickoff to a successful year, growing in usage and world-wide recognition. In June 2016 Meekan was acquired by Doodle, a Tamedia Digital company.