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This is a group for anyone who is looking for physical adventure, intellectual growth, hope and beauty. I invite you to share in a full spectrum of life enriching activities including hiking, camping, kayaking, travel; artistic activities like dance, music concerts, movies; and social/spiritual events like meditative walks in Point Reyes, or spiritual rituals, and intellectual discussions over dinner. I started this group to meet other like-minded, educated people looking to create community in the North Bay centered around Petaluma and bring community and purpose to our often isolated lives through restorative rituals. Looking forward to exploring with you all and enriching one another. Carlos D. Torres, Ph.D.

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Last Minute Backpacking, Hike King's Canyon & Bubb's Creek, Mt. Whitney Option

I have a wilderness permit with two spots open if anyone wants join in for backpacking King's Canyon. The permit is for Wednesday 8/5 to 8/11. We have to leave about 5 AM to get to the trailhead by 10:30 AM. The trailhead is about 5 and a half hours from the Bay Area in King's Canyon Canyon National Park, at the end of Highway 180 going East from Fresno, parking at road's end at Kanawyers past Cedar Creek, CA (at 5200 feet). Day 1 - Hiking South Fork (Paradise) Trail for about 1.9 miles to Bubb's Grove, then 7.3 miles further to the East Lake Trail & Bubb's Creek intersection at 8100 feet to spend the night (9.2 total hiking miles) -- This would be Day 1. (uphill for about 2,900 feet, full pack) Day 2 - Hiking up Bubb's Creek to the end of trail, then taking the Pacific Crest Trail/John Muir Trails south toward Forester Pass for 7 miles and Camping on the PCT at about 10,400 feet at the timber line near-ish water. (uphill for about 2,300 feet, full pack). Day 3 - Hiking over the top of Forester Pass (13,150 ft.) down to Timberline Lake 11,100 feet (about 13 miles, up at first 2,600 feet, then downhill and small ups and downs on Bighorn Plateau, full pack) Day 4 - (optional) 14.2 miles up to the top of Mt. Whitney, 14, 500 feet, 3,400 feet elevation gain from hike. (This passage will be crowded 2 miles from col to summit, up then down, DAY PACK). Day 5 - Hiking back up and over Forester Pass down to treeline on PCT (15 - 18 miles, up first 2,200 feet, then downhill, full pack) Day 6 - Hiking back to cars, 15-18 miles. (All downhill, full pack) Day 7 - The permit is only good for 6 days, but if the last two days demand an extra day, I don't think we should push beyond limits. This is a hike for backpackers in great shape, and with some experience in higher altitude hiking. We go slow at first for altitude adjustments. But there are a lot of options with your own vehicle. If you want to join me for the start of the hike then go back early, it's all good, or hike more intensely at first, that's also an option, but not recommended. I am bringing a full pack with water pump, tent, bear can, etc. Temperatures at high altitudes might get down to freezing, and there may sometimes be a summer afternoon shower--it happens. I would ask we all share info at start of hike and make sure to text later after we all get out. But we'll be on well-traversed trails. Leave a message or phone number if you'd like to talk about the trip briefly, Cool!

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