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Local excursions and foreign travel as a single parent with a teenager can be challenging at times. We don’t always want to do the same things and want to spend some time with people our own age. Busy parents need downtime and solo parenting has its additional stress, hence the need for vacation and weekend adventures. We want quality time with our kids but they are at an age when being alone with mom or dad in a foreign country or local getaway is not always the height of fun as they imagine. They want time with their peers and the comfort of also spending family time.

It’s not always easy to find other single parents on the same schedule or financial means to travel together. Solo Parents with Teens can give us the camaraderie and adventure we’re seeking. We are parents over 50 who are progressive and active. Our interests and/or our teen’s interests include music, art, history, kayaking, tennis, snorkeling, chess, basketball, other cultures. We like exploring local and foreign nooks and crannies, both city and country. Tours for families seem a bit constricting and we like to create our own adventures that are less predictable, be able to jump in the water at a surprise beach or walk down a road that calls to us, eat in a local eatery and veer away from tourist hubs. We feel more satisfied with creative outlets and cultural interactions. We tend to be less conventional, care about the environment and state of our world. We are apt to volunteer and help others in need and not opposed to include these interests in our travel plans. There are some very good travel organizations but they often don't include solo parents with teens. Besides, it would be great to find more local families in the Bay Area to have ongoing connections. We are flexible and open-minded and understand that traveling with others means respecting space and needs. As single parents we are also looking for the support of other parents in similar situations raising our teens. Group members will be asked to contribute to the monthly Meet-Up payment.

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