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This week Nordic Walk: Beginner/ Health Level ( to join this group you will need to have attended a technical workshop or one of our beginner courses) Meet up on Monday at 10:50 for 11 am start outside Bretton Water Park at Bretton Park. This walk is for those who are new to Nordic Walkers and have some technical knowledge. First time? We allow you to join our group for a complimentary Nordic Walk. Need Poles? We provide poles hire for £5.00 contribution.

Water Park

Bretton · Peterborough

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Love getting outdoors? Want to Nordic Walk? - Want to Get Running?- Want to tone and shape up? Want to lose weight or you want to do a challenge event ?

Nordic walking is walking with specially designed poles, which propel the walker forwards, when the correct technique is employed. It can help you lose weight, maintain fitness levels or reintroduce you back into physical activity. Nordic Walking results in higher (approximately 20 -50% more) energy expenditure and results in more calories being burnt than when walking at the same speed.

How to get started

I teach the Nordic Walking and Run Fitness for beginners at various locations in and around the city.

Nordic Walking

To see if Nordic Walking is for you why not come along to one of our Nordic Walk Starter session. Completion of this session will allow you enrol for our Introduction to Nordic Walk Course or other. Please ask for more information. Once you have learnt the correct technique either group or one to one training you can then join the regular Nordic Walking sessions we will discuss the options with you.

Nordic Walk Workshop and Refresher Courses

Learn to Nordic Walk Course and Refresher Courses . Coming soon: Nordic Walk Guilt FREE Christmas plan

We hope you enjoy your Introduction to Nordic Walk and Refresher session it is essential that you learn the full and correct INWA 10 Step method of Nordic Walking technique by attending the Nordic Walk Workshops courses. The course is structured teaching programme of a half day or evening course. This will help you to master the basics that will enable you to competently Nordic Walk and to attend any organised Nordic Walks with us at Active Edge Solutions - Nordic Walking Peterborough

This will enable you to gain maximum benefits regardless of your fitness levels.

The investment for the course will include pole hire. We offer courses to encourage activity and healthier eating habits. Exercise + Good Nutrition is key for weight management and good health. If you have health issues, we encourage you to book in for a Complimentary Better Body Session, so we help you to ease you body back to better health and revitalise your health and fitness.

We offer you a satisfaction money back guarantee in case it does not meet up to your expectation. We hope that you will be satisfied with your investment and will enjoy the amazing benefits and the results of the Unique INWA 10 Step method Nordic Walking.

It is essential that you phone and book all the above sessions so I can reserve your poles for you

Contact Sue either by phone, text or email

mobile: 07901 937 665

Visit website to email: Click to Visit Websit (


We also offer one to one training or small group training. We also offer corporate workshops and training.

We also offer:

Introduction to Running - Learn to Run Workshops - courses , Introduction to Nordic Walk -Learn to Nordic Walk Workshops - courses. Weight (Fat) Loss Challenges - Nordic Walks - Mindfulness - Nordic Walk Challenges - Health and Wellness Talks/ Workshops in Peterborough and surrounding villages & Run Fitness and Nordic Fitness Boot Camps in Peterborough. Injury management and recovery.

To encourage more people to get healthier, get fitter and improve the wellness become happier and healthier.... you may be an expert already or a complete beginner. Nordic Walking and running are suitable for anyone no matter what shape, size or ability! Nordic Walk Fitness and Run Fitness Camps are great for toning and strengthening among many other great things!

You should join if you are interested in group run fitness, walk fitness or Nordic Walk fitness, injury recover, cross training, and nutrition - if you are keen on looking after your health, getting fitter, losing weight, making new friends, training for a challenge event, or getting over injury or illness.

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