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This is a group for anyone who is interested in hiking, walking, cycling, kayaking/canoeing and possibly cross country skiing in the great outdoors within an hour’s drive from Peterborough. We started this group because two local walking Meetup groups closed not so long ago and we love to meet new people. This is supposed to be a very inclusive group. All are welcome: young, old, families, single people, gay or straight, males and females. We are actively looking for co-organizers (especially young co-organizers) who are willing to host adventures of their own though we don't appoint co-organizers unless we've met and vetted them first. In other words, you have to come on an outing with us before we'd appoint you. This is to make sure your motives are in line with group's primary mandate--to book outdoor adventures, not random social events. On your profile, please have a photo that accurately shows your face so we can recognize you and have some idea who you are. Be considerate of our time--if you sign up for an event and find you can’t make it, please let us know at least 24 hours before if at all possible. Two no-shows or last minute cancellations in a row likely means we will take you out of the group. Likewise, if you don't come to any events for months, or your profile photo is false or misleading, your profile will also be removed from this group. We want members and attendees to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Join us and have fun!

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Virtual Meetup to share Solo Hikes and FUN Coping Strategies in COVID19 crisis

We’re going to try something totally new here in Peterborough Outdoor Adventures; we’re going to try a Virtual Meetup!! It could be a bomb or could be a blast (excuse the silliness), but we don’t know until we try. Traditionally we have gotten together as hikers, cyclers or paddlers, but, as we all know, we can’t do that right now and I am guessing that many of you…like us…are close to stir crazy. However, what we CAN do is share some of the routes of our solo hikes (far from fellow humans), or photos or videos of ourselves doing aforementioned solo hikes…OR…stretching the mandate even further…share coping activities that we are trying to do INSIDE. Can there be such a thing as a hike inside your own home? (Imagine a video of ‘hiking’ from room to room). What are you doing to entertain yourself? Silly dancing in your living room? Cooking? Online board games? This Meetup is getting together to talk about experiences. You do NOT have to share photos or very short videos with others. The video or photo component is only for the geeks among us, looking for a project to mitigate the boredom. WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER YOU HAVE ENTERED THE ZOOM PORTAL: 1) For the first ten minutes or so, all participants will be ‘muted’ though you can write greetings in the chat window. 2) Once I am sure that everyone has arrived, I will unmute everybody. 3) Then in alphabetical order we'll introduce ourselves (60 seconds or less), say why we are here, and what we’ve found interesting about this COVID experience. 4) Then I might send people off into different ‘break out rooms’ so that people can share their hiking/COVID experiences in a smaller group setting. After 10 minutes, I will send out notices so that you can switch breakout rooms (or not) and talk to other people. 5) At some indeterminate time, we will come together and share how this particular ZOOM meetup went and finally share a huge VIRTUAL goodbye hug. TECH PREREQUISITES: 1) To participate, you need to download the free ZOOM app (not Zoomrooms, which is a completely different paid app!) and have microphone and video on your device. I recommend using earphones to help with feedback. 2) I recommend uploading a static photo to your ZOOM profile in case it turns out your device can't handle both audio and video. Mainly, I will have my video on and a virtual background enabled. 3) To join the Meetup, you would click on the ‘Join a Meeting’ in ZOOM and enter[masked] or click on the web link below. The password will be sent on the actual day of the event. 4) Once ZOOM is up, click on the ‘start video’ in the bottom left corner. Make sure audio is on. DO NOT click the green ‘SHARE SCREEN’ button in the bottom menu. For the purposes of this Meetup, you would only share your screen if you wanted to share photos or videos with people. 5) If you want to share a video or photos on your desktop: a. First, make sure that your desktop is clear of personal debris. You don’t want other participants to see your open email messages, for example. b. Secondly, click on ‘Screen 1’. c. Once ‘screen sharing’ mode is on, an annoying disappearing menu bar pops up at the top of the screen. Capture this menu bar and click on the MORE button (which also disappears for no good reason!) and make sure these are checked: 1. Share computer sound AND 2. Optimize share for video clip. d. Click on the red ‘STOP SHARE’ to exit this mode. 6) If you would like to ‘rehearse’ ahead of time, contact me (Sandra) and we will set up a meeting. IF the creating-a-video idea appeals, here are some links to inspire: This is a hike that Bob and I did a few days ago. https://vimeo.com/402656726 Here is an example of a ‘silly dance’. It was during my son’s wedding reception last May. His wife is from India. https://vimeo.com/402660003 This is an example of how my son entertains himself in isolation. https://vimeo.com/402673020 Hope to see you virtually very soon! This could be cool.

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