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This group is for anyone who is and/or wants to be a Business Owner, Networker, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Real Estate Investor. As well as those who want learn about money & finance. Designed for adults as well as children (14 & up).

***Meetup requires group participants to be at least 18 years of age. Parents are welcome to bring and accompany their children under their supervision for the duration of the meetup.***

Pittsburgh Cashflow 101 provides a hands on learning experience for those who:

$Want to participate in game that mirrors the financial opportunities & challenges that life presents

$Understand and see the impact of their financial decisions have on an Income Statement as well as Balance Sheet

$Wants to elevate their financial well-being

$Wants to take what they learn in Cashflow 101 and apply it to their personal lives

$Experience the next level of financial instruments in Cashflow 202

$Meet and network with new people from all different professional backgrounds/experiences, strengthen your financial literacy & enjoy some tea/coffee

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Pittsburgh Ca$hflow 101


Why Play This Game? *Increase your Financial IQ *Expand your context about money & investing How to Win: *Part 1, The Rat Race - You must buy investments which give you cash flow (or passive income) so that your Passive Income is greater than you Total Expenses *Part 2, The Fast Track - You can win the game if... 1) Buy Your Dream (pink spaces on the Fast Track) or 2) Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow by $50K

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Pittsburgh Ca$hflow 101


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