Past Meetup

North Hills Meeting - Things We Didn't Say by Kristina Riggle


CHANGE: Based on a suggestion (thanks, Cayla!) we are going to meet at Monte Cello's on Babcock Blvd. We have a reservation under Liselle.

If your plans have changed and you can't come now, please change your RSVP by 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Thanks!

Book suggestions in 2014 - Last year Kim had started a new plan where some of us took turns picking 3 book suggestions and then that person led the discussion. Is anyone interested in doing that again starting in January? Please email me if you would like to do this. And let me know if you wouldn't mind being the one to pick books for January. Thanks!

For our October meeting, we chose Things We Didn't Say by Kristina Riggle. As for where we will meet, you'll notice it says "TBD" - to be determined. I'll update this meeting when I've found a place.

Here's some info about the book:

What goes unsaid can sometimes speak the loudest . . .

What makes up a family? For Casey it's sharing a house with her fiancé, Michael, and his three children, whom she intends to nurture more than she ever took care of herself. But Casey's plans have come undone. Michael's silences have grown unfathomable and deep. His daughter Angel seethes as only a teenage girl can, while the wide-eyed youngest, Jewel, quietly takes it all in.

Then Michael's son, Dylan, runs off, and the kids' mother, a woman never afraid to say what she thinks, noisily barges into the home. That's when Casey decides that the silences can no longer continue. She must begin speaking the words no one else can say. She'll have to dig up secrets—including her own—uncovering the hurts, and begin the healing that is long overdue. And it all starts with just a few tentative words. . . .


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