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'PhDs in NYC' is a group for those who are currently in a PhD program, completing a post-doc, and those who have completed a doctoral program and are currently in academia (not restricted to any particular discipline). Academic life can be challenging to say the least, and can also be isolating when no one else seems to "get it." Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to put a sign on your forehead that simply states, "Please don't ask me how my dissertation is going or when I'll be done." After all, and especially in academia, when are we really ever done, right??!

Whether you are stumbling over your dissertation, trying to get that next paper published, or are on your way to being a grant-writing machine, let's build a space where we can support each other reach those goals. Engaging with others outside of our home institutions will not only help grow our professional networks, but I'm also hoping that this will be an opportunity to spark creativity and positive energy.

Format: We usually meet at coffee shops or co-working spaces when available. We always use the Pomodoro method-- write for 25-45 minutes, take a short 5 minute break, and REPEAT. We also begin each session by briefly stating some goals for the day and checking-in with one another throughout the session.


1) Members are required to maintain an active membership by attending at least 2 writing sessions per month. Members unable to meet this will be removed from the group.

2) When submitting a request to join, please be sure to state your full name and have a valid picture-- without this your request to join will be declined.

3) Please note that you need to hold one of the following academic appointments: PhD student, post-doc academic appointment, early career faculty. If you are not currently in academia, but wish to join, please briefly provide a description of your current work and objectives in joining this group.

Shout out to Whitney and the original group, 'PhDs in LA,' which this group is modeled after. If folks from this group are visiting LA and need to engage in writing while out there, please join: https://www.meetup.com/PhDsinLA/ .

Please contact me directly if you have any questions. Looking forward to writing together, being productive, and of course, muttering and laughing about the woes of academia!

~ Sapna

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