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Precision Medicine Meet-Up: Congratulations for joining us as we are the first Meet-Up in the entire world to address this issue and also in offering information.

No more trial and error of medications such as clopidigrel, pain and psychotropic just to mention a few categories.

This Meet-Up is for those who feel their medication may not be working or else sense their dose is either too high or low in and in need of adjustment. This Meet-Up is also for those who are savvy and want information for future medications that may be prescribed in the future. We never know when we'll need a pain medication, muscle relaxer due to a fall or accident and for other concerns as well.

Please be advised, you will not be instructed to change your medication in any way at this Meet-Up. A review of Pharmacogenetics (definition below) and how this information may be important in general terms will be discussed so you may continue the conversations with your Physician.

Anyone taking medications, and specifically cardiac, pain and psychotropic medications, may benefit from a better understanding of the possible impact genetics may play in reference to the abosorption, metabolism and elimination of drugs in one's own body.

Depending upon one's genetic make-up some drugs, such as clopidegrel, may not work at all, thereby leaving a patient without benefit from from this medication when being treated for heart disease.

Whereas a psychotropic medication may be too high a dose or else too low to treat the patient's condition. Pain medication, as other categories of medications, may be impacted by a person's genetic make-up.

Pharmacogenetic is the study of inherited genetic differences in drug metabolic pathways which can affect individual responses to drugs, both in terms of therapeutic effect as well as adverse effects. Disease states and the possible of developing them according to your genetics will not be reviewed nor part of the science of Pharmacogenetics.

We hope to see you at our next Meet-Up. Please stay in touch for information about date, time and place for our next meeting.

One last comment, anchors were traditionally symbols of hope. Now there is hope to better understand how your body processes drugs, as new information is released this will be made available. However among all the change, one constant remains that your genetic profile never changes.

Best Wishes, Lynda Cesiro R.Ph. Custom Therapeutic Solutions

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