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You Need a Job so Win the Interview - Get the Offer

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Join us to learn about Active Interviewing, winning interviews, and landing jobs

Good candidates like you often lose jobs they should be landing due to poor interview performance and bad interviewers. Many candidates try to prepare for interviews, but their preparation is inadequate or they are interviewed by employers who make bad hiring decisions. Even with all the available interview information, candidates continue to commit more mistakes in the interview than in any other stage of the job-search process – and hiring managers continue to make highly subjective and inaccurate selection decisions. Interviews are “broken,” but you can learn to fix your interviews by using Active Interviewing strategies

Active Interviewing is based on an entirely new, tested, and dramatically effective approach to interviews – treating the interview as a sales call and developing an interview presentation to help you actively sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. This approach has helped hundreds of candidates win their interviews and land jobs. Active Interviewing is new, innovative, and targeted toward landing a job in today’s hyper-competitive job marketplace.

Attendees will learn:

• How personal branding can be used to differentiate, promote, and sell oneself in an interview (learn to use the “phrase that pays”)

• Simple sales techniques that makes a candidate more persuasive, memorable, and desirable (learn the best way to identify and handle hiring objections)

• How to use an interview presentation to shift the dynamics of the interview, impress the interviewer and communicate a high level of preparation and motivation (learn to present a Strategic Action Plan for providing value to the company quickly)

A guarantee- No career coach, recruiter, training program, or interview book can guarantee you a job. However, using the Active Interview approach you will learn in this presentation, you will be guaranteed four important things:

• You will be fully prepared for your interviews

• You will have an excellent interview presentation to use in your interview

• You will be far more confident and less anxious going into your interviews

Once you interview is over you will feel you have done a good job DATE: Thursday, February 21st TIME: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

PRESENTER: Eric P. Kramer

About the presenter:
Eric P. Kramer has extensive experience working as a Career Consultant and Career Center Manager with two of the country's largest outplacement firms. He has worked with thousands of job seekers individually and in groups, teaching them job search skills and coaching them through their interviews. He has extensive background as an independent consultant and as an entrepreneur in the software industry. Eric is also accomplished in critical performance areas, such as human resources, legal requirements, team building, and maintaining a healthy and vibrant company culture. Eric has authored three books: "Active Interviewing;Branding, Selling and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job" "100 Strategies for Successful Interviewing;" and "100 Strategies for for Successful Networking."

Eric earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Hartford, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from American University. He is licensed as a Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania, and he is certified in Positive Psychology Coaching.