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PowerThinking: Rejuvenating Your Amazing Mind Weekly Resilience Building Call with Stanley H Greene
https://www.paypal.me/greatcareersphl to pay (and does not auto renew)
http://bit.ly/ResilienceCall to fill out questionnaire

The initial add on after you fill out the Google form and pay is manual and then it is automated. Please allow a 24 hour grace period for humans to catch up on email and connect between organizations, so try to sign up by Tuesday if possible, as pre-call assignments are sent out to you on Wed.

Weekly phone calls on Thursday at either 7:30-8AM or 9:30-10PM EST with Stanley H Greene

Fill out the Google form on the link on the website so Stanley receives your information.

Make payment of $9.95/month at www.PayPal.me/GreatCareersPHL

Note that your purchase supports our 501(c)3 nonprofit!

Participating in our 30-minute weekly skill-building training enables attendees to improve upon the power we have to meet and exceed personal and professional goals.

Specifically, attendees will learn to harness the power of our ongoing automatic thoughts, which are driven by deep-seated beliefs and can lead to actions which are counterproductive to desired personal and professional outcomes.

This training will focus on the identification of 7 inner strengths of resilience, as well as the development of 7 critical resilience skills. It's called "PowerThinking: Rejuvenating Your Amazing Mind!"

Each week, attendees will receive a text message containing content or an exercise which will be discussed on the Thursday training calls. Attendees will also receive a text reminder on the

day of the call.