What we're about

Are you a foodie? Are you looking to try out that new BYO or have a fancy cocktail or curious about an ethnic cuisine with friends but find it hard to get sufficient critical mass to join you on your dinning out adventures? Well come join us, Philadelphia's premier dinning out group.

Our group's mission is to have memorable dinning experiences while getting to know some interesting people, and our activity will range from wine tastings to cooking classes, to happy hours, to brunch or dinners. If you are interested in any of these types of activities please come join us.

Rules and Bylaws:

1. 3 RSVP and no shows in one calendar year and you will be removed from the group. No exceptions. Canceling any RSVP where payment is required 24 hours prior to any event counts as a no show.

2. For any sitdown meals, the preferred way to settle our bill is to to do one check. Attendees are strongly encouraged to Zelle or Venmo their portion of the bill to me directly after dinner has concluded. Cash is less preferred, but if you must use it please bring your own change. I will have some some cash available to make change but again this is the least preferred way to settle up. All checks will be settled after conclusion of each individual event unless otherwise mentioned in the event details.

3. For any casual dinning experiences, ie, happy hour, each participant will be responsible for their own tab.

4. For some experiences where Prix Fixe is offered, payment in advance maybe required. Though rare, refunds for Prix Fixe is not 100% guaranteed as some restaurants require payment in advance for larger parties. These types of experiences will be clearly described in the event details.

5. for prix fixe experience where payment is requested through meetup.com. There will be a 5% fee added to the payment amount. For example for a cooking class of $100/person retail price, the payment required through meetup will be $105. This $5 goes directly to the payment processing company wepay.com.

6. Please be on time for all sit down dinner reservations.

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