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Chestnut Hill Dream Circle meeting
• What we'll do Brief socializing, any questions answered, then dream circle (group interpretations) • What to bring Your Golden Selves, and your longing to know whatever truth your dreams are offering to help you achieve! (plus your dream journal if you have started one). • Important to know Check out my creds ( We are a safe and supportive space for understanding the (not-always-comforting) messages that dreams wish to convey. This group consists mostly of older ladies (so our group wisdom is significant if you don't fall into that category!) $5 for the meeting and the space. We will do our best to answer any particular questions you may have. Let me know through RSVP if you are bringing any guests, so I can keep track of numbers of attendees.

The Presbyterian Church Of Chestnut Hill

8855 Germantown Avenue · Philadelphia

Respond by: 10/31/2018

What we're about

This meetup is for anyone with some level of spiritual interest in dreams. We socialize briefly, perhaps have a lecture and discussion about dreams and dreamwork principles, and then do interpretations (and feeling-attunements) in a dream circle. (Interpretations are usually the focus, but if you're new, let me know your general questions thru the meetup email ahead of time, and I'll certainly answer those questions before we start (in that case however, be sure to RSVP and be on time). Snacks are provided.

(If most people at a meeting happen to be new, the are five different brief presentations I use: 1) Meaning and Purpose of Dreams; 2) Dream Typologies and Experiences, 3) Universal Language of Symbols, and 4) Dreams and Manifestation,and 5) Remembering and Recording you Dreams. All of them can are good introductory talks. More advanced topics are certainly possible, depending on interest. If you want to do background reading, I recommend Jeremy Taylor's The Wisdom of Your Dreams for overall understanding; and Patricia Garfield's The Twelve Universal Keys for actual individual dreamwork.)

Jeremy Taylor and Roger Kamenetz are the primary theorists informing our work, allowing a chance to participate if they are comfortable doing so. (Group process, however informal, is essential for the best dreamwork.) If you can only remember one dream, or even none at all but want to, this is your meetup! A DREAM IGNORED IS LIKE A LETTER UNOPENED. Come meet others who are trying to understand what Source/Truth/Light/God/Self wants them to do. Lucid or would-be lucid dreamers also welcome.

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