An Evening of Storysharing: "This Is How I Do Psychedelics"

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Time for another evening of storytelling folks! Come on out and share your practices and strategies for folding psychedelics into your life in a meaningful and manageable way. We can talk what substances, what dose levels, what frequency of usage, set, setting, etc. We can share the lessons that the difficult times have taught us and what safeguards we've implemented to protect ourselves legally, biologically, cognitively, psychically, and spiritually. How have your patterns of usage changed over time? Are you a conservative chemical monogamist or are you an edge running polypharmaphile? Do you prefer solo tripping or sharing your experiences with a friend or a small group? How do you prepare beforehand and how do you integrate afterward? There's a wealth of experience and knowledge in this group and we should be able to weave an interesting and informative evening together. See you there!