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How to Find Work that Fills Your Wallet AND Your Soul
How to Find Work that Fills Your Wallet AND Your Soul To the person who feels less than enthused with their job, - Do you feel like you are climbing career ladders you don’t even want to be on? - Have you had enough of that one coworker who always has SOMETHING negative to say? - Are you tired of sitting in a cubicle when you know in your heart you were meant for so much more? We get it, life sometimes feels like it's running you, not the other way around. You put so much effort into your job only to come home feeling empty. None of the steps you take forward in your career fill you with pride. You look at all of your coworkers around you happily doing their work and wonder what’s wrong with you. You never thought you’d feel so lost. You feel exhausted and out of control. We get it, and this is a common issue we hear all the time despite how amazing everybody on Facebook is saying their life is, but we promise you that you are capable of moving towards a more meaningful career and we can help you get there. Here's the truth. We CAN have it all: - A job we love (so much we can’t stop smiling when we talk about it) - A strong sense of personal fulfillment - Time to recharge - A work/life balance Hi, I'm Carlee Myers and I'm an expert at helping professionals who are no longer happy in their job or life find their joy. Through coaching and creative exercises, I help people remedy burnout and build their dream career or business. During this event, we will explore: - What you truly want and need to step into the life you spend your dreary workday dreaming about - Powerful ways to disrupt the cycle of putting your passions and dreams last on your list - How to discover and attain an amazing career that will bring you genuine pride and excitement everyday (Yes, EVERY DAY) - Creative processes that can get you on the path to your authentic self by helping you understand what it is that you really want out of life. We believe you are all capable of having the career and life you know you deserve, but we all need help to get there. Isn’t it time to use the energy you waste daydreaming of better things to step into aligned action? Sign up now to start your journey to finding work that fills your wallet AND your soul. Here's to your success! Carlee PS: I know it can be tough to feel trapped in your job; that's why I developed this event. If you feel uninspired, unfulfilled, or worse, just plain old 'bleh' this event is for YOU. Light refreshments will be served.

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This is a group for people interested in learning about becoming a massage therapist or participating in our wellness related events and classes throughout the year. All beings who want to improve themselves are welcome! We are a new massage school in center city and one of our goals is to become a wellness resource center for all.

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