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Single, Savvy, and Searching?
Are you a single professional looking for fun things to do in Philly?
Are you proud of your professional accomplishments but disappointed about your personal and romantic life?

Whether you're looking for love, an entrepreneurial endeavor, or your next dream home, it always seems to be 10 times more challenging when you are single.

We've found a way to help you access all the opportunities, resources, and fun that you've been searching for. We're getting you out of your head, out of the house and into a world of excitement that you can access as a solo attendee. In fact, all of our Meetup events are solo-friendly. Tell a friend to meet you there but don't sweat it if they don't because we've got you covered.

Get ready to search and explore every inch of the City of Brotherly Love as a Savvy Single and we promise you won't be single for long.(Providing that's your plan;-)

Here are a partial list of our events:

*Workshops and Seminars.
*Art After Five at Art Museum
*Comedy Shows.
*Lip Sync events.
*Singles Mixers.
*Group eats at some of Philly's finest restaurants.
*Explore nightlife weekly.
*Hobby Hunt - Weekly hobbies you'll fall in love with.
*Learn about real estate and maybe even buy a home.
*Game nights for the competitor in you.
*Scavenger Hunts.
*KELLY DRIVE Day - Walk/Skate/Bike/Run on the Drive.
*Solopreneurs Have More Fun - How to Fall in Love With Your Business

Need we say more?

Join at least ONE event TODAY!

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Beyond Being Tired

Online event

Netflix And Chill : Quarantine Edition

Stay At Home

Netflix And Chill : Quarantine Edition

Needs a location

Netflix And Chill : Quarantine Edition

Needs a location

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