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*****This Meetup is NOT affiliated with any official socialist groups in the city of Philadelphia or nationally - however membership to any and all organizations is encouraged! Likewise, membership to an official organization is NOT required for you to join this Meetup. If you live in Philadelphia, are a PoC, and consider yourself to be a socialist, join us!*****

Philadelphia is a city with a majority population of People of Color, and over 40% of all residents are African American. Despite being the majority, People of Color are inadequately represented in official socialist organizations active within the city limits.

Philadelphia is also the poorest big city in the country, with a quarter of the population living under the poverty line.

Philadelphians of Color are called upon to become active participants in the socialist reform of their city. Only by banding together and organizing can we adequately begin to represent our fellow residents and become a part of the movement towards a socialist society, in our city and beyond.

Come out and meet fellow Socialists of Color! We will meet to get to know each other, form friendships, and take part in activities together such as bowling, hiking, reading, picnicking, and more.

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Taco Tuesday

Tattooed Mom

El Bar

The El Bar

Taco Tuesday

Tattooed Mom

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