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New Members! I am so excited to share tarot with you 🤗 whether you just bought your first deck or have been reading professionally for years ✨

I credit my own ability to read to a friend who also read and wanted someone she could exchange free readings with. If I hemmed and hawed she’d say “who’s giving the reading?! Am I reading for myself?! What does your intuition say??” Her insistence on getting that reading pushed me to trust myself and of course the reading I got from her in return taught me by example. My goal with this meetup is to provide just such an opportunity for others 🕊

We aim to provide activities that work for readers at any level so that everyone can jump in and participate✨

With this aim in mind—we ask that everyone show up to meetups with an open mind! I personally believe that just about anything can be asked of the tarot—prepare to be surprised by a new approach (both silly and serious) or bring your own ideas to share 🌹

Having any hesitations? Please share any questions or concerns here so we can get that cleared up 😊

xo kim

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Philadelphia Tarot July Meetup 2021

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Philadelphia Tarot June Meetup 2021

Needs a location

Philadelphia Tarot May Meetup 2021

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Philadelphia Tarot April Meetup 2021

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