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No, it's not a romantic song sung by Dean Martin back in his glorious heyday of the ‘50's. (That was Volare.) In fact there’s nothing glorious about Vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes the skin to lose pigment so that white blotches can appear anywhere on the body. It’s not the worst condition in the world but it’s not a walk in the park in springtime either. It can be unsightly. And it can progress.

I have Vitiligo. Do you or someone you know have it? Seemed to me that getting together virtually or in person with fellow Vitiligo-ens (I just coined that term) might be a good idea. We could discuss coping mechanisms and skills, treatments that have worked and not worked, cover-ups if that’s your pleasure, and all things otherwise in the Vitiligo Universe.

(Yep. Made that one up too.)

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Vitiligo Meetup No. 3

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