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Here it is... I wait all year for this, and some of you do, too! This has been the trip of a lifetime for the last three years, and I am SO EXCITED to announce we'll be doing it again. Come with us to central PA for a fantastic weekend!

On Friday...

We will embark upon the 3.5-hour drive Friday evening, arriving at the campsite in time to set up our tents and build a fire!

We're camping on private property... the landing zone itself! It's a field big enough to land a plane on, and it's aaaaall ours. No neighbors, no PA park regulations, no problems!

On Saturday...


We'll lead hikes for anyone who's interested, through beautiful wooded mountains, and mountain biking along miles of trails with gorgeous views and unspoiled wilderness. There are over 300 miles of trails and 27 vistas, so it's sure to be a glorious day!


We'll be on the shores of the Susquehanna river, possibly the best fishing in PA. Bring your fishing gear (and your PA fishing license!) and spend the morning outwitting smallmouth bass, walleye, catfish, musky, northern pike, pickerel, and American shad.

Swimming, tubing, kayaking!

Sun on the shores, swim in the gentle current, or bring a kayak for some of the most gorgeous paddling ever, surrounded by the mountains of this ancient river valley. We might even drive upstream a bit and drop tubes in the water, and tube lazily back to our original spot. Possibilities are endless!

And for 8 lucky campers... HANGGLIDING!

We've booked the weekend, reserving 8 slots of tandem hanggliding!!! Weather permitting, we'll be launching from a moutaintop, sprinting full speed for 5 meters and then catching lift and SOARING!!! The mountain launch glides last between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on factors like weight and wind.

You must be able to sprint those 5 meters, and you must weigh under 185lbs.

Note: Since we're doing it the *real* way, with a mountain launch rather than a tow, this is extremely wind-dependent. We're booked for both Saturday and Sunday, so if weather Saturday doesn't cooperate, Sunday will give us a better chance of getting everyone in.

If weather on both days cooperate... we could theoretically get another 8 flights done. So after we sell out the 8 slots, we'll have a waiting list for the "in a perfect world" possible spots. In that case, come for the campout, and bring your checkbook in case your luck is amazing!


We'll all reconvene at the campground on Saturday night to compare notes, share stories and pictures, and cook out under the stars! Last year this was a swimming + football + music + kayaks + campfire + burgers on the rocky beach of the river extravaganza. It's still one of my favorite TerraMar memories ever!

On Sunday...

We'll cook breakfast and enjoy the day in our beautiful surroundings, maybe getting a few hours of fun stuff in before we break camp and head home. And if we can get more flying done, we will totally get more flying done!

The Details

Price for Camping weekend without hanggliding: $80

Includes TerraMar guides to organize, lead, and help you; private-property campgrounds all to ourselves; breakfast Saturday and Sunday (I will remember to bring coffee this time!), dinner Friday and Saturday (and stuff for s'mores!), snacks and water for the whole weekend. (Since we'll all be doing different things during the day, we'll all be providing our own lunches.)

Price for Camping weekend WITH hanggliding: $200

Includes the above package, PLUS your amazing hanggliding flight!!! That's an entire adventure weekend, with organization, most of your meals, camping, AND a hanggliding experience you'll never forget, for $200!!

Gear & Facilities

You need to provide your own gear -- tents, raccoon/bear containers, mountain bikes, sunscreen, fishing tackle, kayaks, tubes, etc. There will be a carpool leaving Friday evening, and if there's enough interest, we can arrange another for early Saturday morning. It's so much better to come Friday, though, and wake up in the Susquehanna valley surrounded by lush green mountains and morning fog.

There are restroom/shower facilities nearby, at a neighboring state park campground site. Since we won't be camping there, there is a recommended donation for using the showers. Our site has port-o-potties.

The Fun Details

This event is pet-friendly!! If your dog loves people and other animals, this could be a GREAT campout for him/her too! (Just remember that you are responsible for looking after him/her and can't leave him/her alone while you go out!) It should be GORGEOUS late summer weather, and we have a lot of TerraMarians who ride motorcycles... Why not arrange a BIKE-pool? There's always quality campfire time going on... Bring your games, cards, even your guitar and your mad skillz, so we can all sing kum-by-yah together! (This offer is subject to mob rule. ;-)) Remember that we have a huge field all to ourselves. Got glow-in-the-dark frisbees or other great nighttime games? Let's do it!

When you RSVP, please note whether or not you'll be bringing a pet, and any serious dietary restrictions. We'll follow up in more detail with everyone who's paid, closer to the date.


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