Sometimes BIGGER IS BETTER ! Medium and Large Format Photography Workshop

Price: $450.00 /per person

Studio 301

2551 Trenton Ave · Philadelphia, PA

How to find us

We will meet at The Ribbon Factory - Studio 301

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When it comes to image size bigger is often better in the sense that image tonality takes on a very different quality versus smaller formats. This is as true with digital images as with film photography. So, if you are curious about medium and large format photography you should come to the PPL workshop for a complete HANDS ON introduction.

Larger formats, both digital sensors and film, are the camera of choice for many professional photographers. This type of camera offers tremendous flexibility, great image quality and a unique photographic perspective. Famous photographers like Fazal Sheikh, Annie Leibovitz, Diane Arbus and Mary Ellen Mark use the medium format camera as their main photographic tool. Great Photography is still being created with this type of camera.

Time : Saturday 10:30am - 5:00pm (plus review / critique on Sunday)

INSTRUCTOR : Mike Browna
FEE : $450.00 includes 2 days of instruction including use of medium AND large format camera equipment, with film and materials. We even develop the film for you overnight for review and feedback on the second day !!!!

(Discount to $350 for Contributors .... Discount to $250 for Benefactors)

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In the workshop we will teach you all the techniques required to work confidently with medium and large format cameras. We'll explore how various lenses and formats change image impact. Whether a rangefinder, SLR and Waist level is for you ...... and ........ we will cover all operational aspects from film loading and all image formats from 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9, 4x5, 8x10, etc ....... we will even explain what those numbers mean !!!!! :-)

Best of all ...... this will be HANDS ON workshop……. we will provide for you all equipment to use during the workshop which includes a medium or large format camera, film and film holder, light meter, etc. We will "hit the road" to a local venue and create images using medium format cameras.

You will leave the workshop with the ability to confidently create photographs using this type of camera.


DAY 1 : You will spend time getting an overview of equipment and materials. We will then shoot IN THE STUDIO in the morning ....... during the afternoon we will head outside for some portraiture and streets shooting and architecture. Your work from day 1 will be developed overnight.

DAY 2 : We will review your work the following morning with a critique and thoughts on next steps for you to pursue.

• Practical matters for when using a medium or large format camera in the real-world
⁃ Transportation and storage of equipment
• Camera selection and lens choices
• How to work with roll and sheet film ...... loading the camera, roll film backs and film holders
• Darkroom - we'll cover how to process film
• Developing and scanning / printing from negatives
• Portraiture demonstration using Instant Film
• Discussion of equipment, materials, etc ......