Malvern, PA

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Feb 18, 2014


I Moved to programming about 15 years ago and have done a number of full life cycle application designs and developments. I did Win-form app more on VB.NET (VB6 a long time ago), Web-form and MVC for Web app for business. Expert on SQL Server DB.

What is your role(s) on software teams?

Senior developer, design, development, deployment of all kinds of applications. Also maintaining and supporting application in production including bug fixing and enhancements.

How long have you been working in IT?

About 15 years

What technologies are you using?

Visual Studio is my main coding tool, and SQL Server Management Studio for any database related works (numbers of full life cycle database designs and developments). Started with VB on Win-form app, did classic ASP Web and moved to .NET. Preferring VB.NET for Win-form app & C# for Web. Worked on Web-form & recent on MVC (3/4). Not an expert on JavaScript but comfortable to use JavaScript for Ajax and other things on web pages. WCF and lately on Web Api and Workflow foundation. SQL Server DB design & development. Source controls is started with Visual Source Safe, Sub Version and now on TFS.