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Started as a Facebook Group by former chefs, who just wanted to learn about the food locally in Philly and a longing to connect, Philly Foodies grew to more than 350 members within 2 months. We were asked to make a Meet Up Group in expanding our Food knowledge and to welcome new people to the city. We hope to connect people through food as well as introduce what Philly has to offer, kind people and great eats.

Philly Foodies! are unique in that we are a group welcoming everyone. We focus on connecting through food and hope to create an atmosphere where all are welcome. We normally cap our events at 12-15 people so everyone has a chance to meet, mingle, and hopefully learn more about one another.

Our group not only seeks out the best eateries but the organizers dedicate their lives revolved around the meaning of connecting through food. We believe Food is a universal language and through the table, lots can be learned.

Recently we started a food tour company as well to fund a project we called Humble Bowls, which involves digging deeper into who we are through the foods we were served as a child and have grown to love. Digging deeper into our culture and learning more about others. We strive to feed people with a desire to dig deeper into ourselves through going back to the foods we were served as children and also gathering with others through food.

Cooking classes, food fests, restaurant shows, happy hours, excursions, potlucks, movie nights, food travel, dinners, and all that revolves around food is our journey.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Dimsum'n with the Phoodies

Ocean City

Our 3rd excursion of Dimsum'n with the Phoodies. We will be ordering lots and lots of dimsum with foodies who will teach us all about what is in what. Expect to spend about $25 per person as we try all kinds of dimsum specialties. We will also most likely go around Chinatown for some desserts or walk around afterwards. Cost:$3 for ongoing meetup fees and the humble bowls projects.

Korean Barbeque

Seorabol Restaurant

Authentic Korean Barbeque. Lots have asked and we were going to settle with Gyu Kaku, but why settle if we can have the real thing. We have decided to visit Seorabol, where social media famous Mukbangers Chef's parents own the original Seorabol. We plan to order lots of barbeque which will be accompanied by lots of side dishes called banchan. We plan on spending about $30-$45 a person. If you are wanting to order an entree and not share, that is okay as well and in that case you will be spending about $15-$18. We will be carpooling as well so for those of you who need a ride, please message or comment below, and we will find a central location for those with cars and those who would love a ride to get to Olney. We may try to go to an Hmart after dinner to walk around and possibly get some desserts or more banchan to take home depending how food comatized we are. :) . Oh.. and those of you who have a bigger appetite than some... then please pitch in a bit extra in cash to make up the difference. For example those on a keto diet or those who normally eat 2-3 times more than other foodies normally, please pitch in an extra $5-$15 as a courtesy.

Phoodies' Potluck Supper!

South Philadelphia

*All Philly Foodies member who have been to a Philly Foodies! Meetup in the past are invited! Everyone who we have met at least once. :) We will have another one in March most likely so hope to see you then if you are new. Cost: $5 for ongoing meet up costs and humble bowls projects It's Potluck time! Bring a dish to share with everyone. This time we are asking you bring a dish or dishes that represent you Or one of your favorite dishes. We will have some non alcoholic beverages, utensils, napkins, and all that is needed to serve. You just need to bring your dish. You are welcome to use our stove, oven, or microwave to heat your dish up. I plan to stock up a few items in the fridge so maybe some of us can cook a little together. Let me know if you are interested in cooking here. :) * Those who do not like to cook or do not have time to bring a dish, we ask you pay $10 plus the $5 meet up costs making it a total of $15. Please let me know in advance so we may make an extra dish or two. **Please comment on what dish you will be bringing so we do not have repeats. We will have games of all kinds and Karaoke 😊 Here is what people are bringing: Hero: Beef Rendang Kat: Collard Greens or Kale Sausage Soup or egg tarts Kim: Roti and Tiramisu or Cobbler Xuan: Beef Stroganoff Gabriel: Chicken Curry Lori: Lasagna Amy: Potato Salad or Apple Pie WC(Bill) : Cole slaw or a Tropical fruit salad Bernie: Cheese Platter

Indian Supper @ Ekta


Ekta, raved as one of the best if not the best Indian food of Philly. We will try it out for ourselves to see if the food speaks for itself. Join us as we dine and hopefully make new friends in the process. Cost: $3 for ongoing meetup costs and our humble bowls projects

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The Taste of Chinatown Tour with The Phoodies

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