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Philly Freeriders,

The 2015/16 Winter is winding down so it's about time I thanked the people that made it a success, give a year in review, and share some exciting news for next season.

Thank you!

The success of our club is from it's members and I'd like to thank each of you for making it happen. Special thanks to members that organized trips and happy hours like Galeet, Dustin, Tom, Jason, Lynzee, Jasmine, Carl, Lauren, and Amy just to name a few. I encourage everybody to be an active member of this club, prove your responsibility, earn some trust, and organize events just like all of these Freeriders have.

We're just a diverse group of people that share a common interest (snowboarding and/or skiing) and somehow it just works. If you're a member but haven't been to any of our events yet, don't be shy. I encourage anybody interested to join us for a happy hour, an offseason event, or a day trip to the Poconos to get to know some of us and think about joining one of our weekend trips in the East or week-long trips out West.

The Offseason:

Our 2015 offseason was a very active one. We had events for almost anyone like camping at Ricketts Glen, whitewater rafting in West Virginia, jumping off rocks at Devil's Pool, camping on the beach at Assateague Island, and a haunted hayride just to name a few.

The East Coast Trips:

The Winter of 15/16 was a challenging one. The East Coast was unusually warm and I can't say we had any epic weekend trips, but it's hard to have a bad day with the Freeriders even if the conditions weren't great.

We had a big trip to Killington (45 people!) in early December, a full house for New Years at Sunday River, a group bus trip to Sugarbush and a full house at Loon in February, and another full house at Stratton in March.

The West Coast Trip:

Our week-long trip to Aspen in late January/early February was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The lucky people in the packed condo we had at Snowmass were treated to 34" of snow on the first 3 days of our trip. We all had the opportunity to go to each mountain in Aspen including Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, Aspen, and Buttermilk. We were also there during the Winter X Games, but there was too much snow for even the X Games athletes to handle when we were there. AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WINTER. If you've been skiing or snowboarding for a while and never went out West it's worth giving it a shot. If you have, then you know what I'm talking about.

It's worth noting that our weekend trips and western trip were value-driven and planned well in advance to take advantage of early season and group discounts. Stay tuned into the Freerider page all season for a heads up on discounts that the club or potential resorts can offer.

News for Next Winter:

I just got back from my last snowboarding trip for the season at Winter Park yesterday, but planning for next Winter has already begun.

• 10% Discount for 2016/17 M.A.X. Pass

If you're familar with the M.A.X Pass, you'll notice that many of the trips we went on this season were at M.A.X Pass-eligible resorts. Next season, ALL of the official weekend trips and trips out west will be at M.A.X Pass resorts.


The M.A.X. Pass is perfect for skiers and boarders looking to get the most North America has to offer. With 25 mountains, five days at each mountain and no blackout dates, you can visit your local mountains and take that big trip you’ve always wanted. Or, buy the M.A.X. Pass Add-on, available with the purchase of a qualifying pass and get access to the same mountains.

Many of our members had a M.A.X. Pass this season, and I'm hoping even more take advantage of it next season. If you go on just 1 trip out west and 1 weekend trip in the east it already pays for itself.

Thanks to the growth of this club, I was able to make a relationship with M.A.X Pass to give our members a 10% discount on them if you purchase it thru my link: http://mbsy.co/themaxpass/23133773

Some notes: If you purchased a MAX Pass thru my link you will pay the full price, however I will receive 10% of the purchase price to send right back to you. Just send me a message letting me know that you used my link and I should receive the 10% to give back to you in a few days. Keep in mind that I will only be able to give you 10% of the purchase you made when you used my link. If you only make the $50 down payment I will only be able to give you $5 back, but if you purchase the whole thing in one payment I will be able to give you the full 10% back of the entire M.A.X. Pass. The current price is $600 good til May 2nd, so with my discount it can be had for $540. I'm just guessing, but from past experience the price will probably be $700 from May til November, and $800 after November. If you already made your MAX Pass purchase without the use of my link I can't help you out, sorry.

The choice is yours, but I think these M.A.X. Pass deals are great for somebody in the East that mostly goes to mountains in the East with an occasional splurge in the West. If you're active in the club and go on some of our East Coast trips and at least 1 West Coast trip you WILL save money on lift tickets.

• 2017 West Coast Trips (2)

Details to be released during the Summer Kickoff Event, but for the first time ever I will organize 2 trips out West instead of 1. Of course, they will both be at M.A.X Pass resorts.

The first one will be at STEAMBOAT, CO in late January/early February and the second one will be at MT. BACHELOR, OR in late March/early April.

• 2016/17 East Coast Trips

I'll have the usual monthly weekend trips next season. Expect trips to most of the following East Coast M.A.X. Pass Resorts including: Killington, Stratton, Loon, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Wachusett.

As usual, feel free to message me with any questions, comments, and suggestions. Also, make sure to check out our Facebook page to help stay in the loop: https://www.facebook.com/PhillyFreeriders

Excited for another year,

-Dave DePiano

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