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3D Character Animation in Unity

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5:30 - Meet and Greet. Networking. Set up software.

6:00 - 3D Character Animation in Unity

It's time to make 3D games in Unity! To do so, you're going to want to be able to animate your game's characters. We'll take a look at using the animation tools in Unity to move your 3D characters and bring your laptop if you wish to follow along!

This is a hands-on lab format, so we will move at a pace for everyone to comfortably keep up.


Software (if you want to follow along) - Unity 5.x. I'm testing now with the latest release, but we should be able to help you with any Unity 5.x release. It's a huge download so having it installed and running beforehand is key!

Knowledge - This is open to anyone who wants to start with Unity. There will be a refresher look at the interface and basics. There is no expectation that you've been to previous meetups or have any Unity, game development, or programming experience!

Recommended Ages - 10+. Unity is a powerful game engine and toolset, but it does feel like the flight deck of a jetliner. There is coding involved to provide custom game actions and logic. Younger game developers might be frustrated by the interface and early 3D concepts. However, I am constantly amazed at the skill of our youngest developers, so all are welcome!

Food and Drink - We're sorry, but we can not provide food and drink at this time. Feel free to bring something to eat.