What we're about

This group is for people who love kirtan, meditation, yoga, and ecstatic dance. This group is also for anyone who is interested in exploring various paths to spiritual awareness.

Kirtan is the ancient practice of call and response singing in the spirit of joy that energizes your prana, opens your heart, expands awareness and promotes healing. Belonging to the path of Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion) it is also called Devotional Singing. A kind of singing meditation, it is generally practiced with a lead singer chanting a line which is then repeated by the rest of the group. The songs are relatively simple and repetitive and are sung with the intention of joyfully concentrating on the Divine. All are welcome! Our kirtan group extends an open invitation to everybody of all ages and backgrounds. No prior experience needed at all. You are free to come sing, dance, or simply sit in silence and feel the warm, embracing energy of the group.

In the spirit of celebration, our kirtan band, the Rati Bhava, will support the voice of our lead kirtan singer, Valerie Rushmere, with as many instruments as we have players. We usually have Bill with his guitar, Sue with hand drums and Valerie with her shruti box. Please let us know if you would like to play our harmonium or some other instrument you have!

We schedule the kirtans when the stars align and our band can assemble. We will send out announcements as these come up.

We will sometimes send around information about other kirtans in the Philly area as we learn of them.

Our kirtan events are free, but donations between $5 and $15 would be most welcome:-)

This Meet-up group will also post information about yoga, meditation, wellness programs, dance classes and special events at Studio 1831.

Past events (55)

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