"Introduction to the Rebol programming language" by Brian Dickens

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1600 John F Kennedy Boulevard · Philadelphia, PA

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Security desk will have a list of names (please send full name to Paul Snyder if you don't want yours visible), and will send you up to floor 18. If you arrive after 6pm, please go to the back of the building, as the doors on JFK side will be locked.

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Rebol is a language introduced in 1997, which brought a more English syntax to Lisp/Forth-like features. It garnered a small and loyal following--in particular by delivering GUI and networking in a single-file executable that ran on dozens of platforms, which required no install process. (Among Rebol's fans was Douglas Crockford, who cited its "anti-XML" design as an inspiration for creating JSON.)

The Rebol developers conference is in Philadelphia this year, at IndyHall on Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7th. One of the main topics will be their WebAssembly build, and how they're bridging such an "alternative" language intimately with JavaScript. The organizer and one of the speakers are already in town, and would like to meet local language enthusiasts and invite them to attend! This talk will be an introduction to the language as a whole, as well as details of the interpreter implementation itself. It will be given by Brian Dickens (website: http://hostilefork.com), who is the main developer of the post-open-sourced Rebol codebase. ( https://github.com/metaeducation/ren-c )